From 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics to Milan/Paris Fashion Weeks: 29 Updates on Chinese Designer Brands

March 11,2022

Since the beginning of 2022, many Chinese designers have been active on the global stage of fashion. Domestically, Chinese designers have been engaged in the design of costumes for the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

In this article, 29 business updates on designer brands in China are listed, encompassing significant fashion weeks, online/offline expansions, collaborations across industries, getting shortlisted for international awards and so on.

Fashion Weeks

12022/2023 AW Milan Fashion Week

ANNAKIKI and HUI made into the show schedule of Milan Fashion Week and launched their most recent collections offline.

SARAWONG made into the exhibition schedule of Milan Fashion Week and held a physical presentation.

22022/2023 AW Paris Fashion Week

DAWEI, Didu, Uma Wang, Rui, CALVIN LUO and Shiatzy Chen took part in the 2022/2023 AW Paris Fashion Week.


Collaborations Across Industries

3)UMA WANG paired with Germany carmaker BMW again to unveil brand-new design. For the first time, Uma adopts the materials used in the car’s interior space for creativity.

4-5Susan Fang’s collaboration with PEACEBIRD and multi-brand store SND

Susan Fang presented a collection teamed up with leading Chinese brand PEACEBIRD.

Susan Fang and multi-brand store SND created themed display window around Valentine’s Day.

6)Chinese designer Dingyun Zhang partnered with Moncler to release Moncler + DingYun Zhang collection.

7)Designer Sandy Liang collaborated with Vans again on clothing and shoes.

8)Short Sentence launched its Valentine’s Day Exclusive Collection on NET-A-PORTER (an e-commerce platform).

9)Around the International Women’s Day, NET-A-PORTER aligned with four Chinese designer brands--- SAMUEL GUÌ YANG, WINDOWSEN, SHUSHU/TONG and RUI to unveil a capsule collection.

10)UPPERVOID teamed up with French outdoor brand Salomon to host frisbee activities in Shanghai on Valentine’s Day.

11)Designer brand GOOPiMADE announced its collaboration with G-Shock .

12)Womenswear UOOYAA paired with accessory designer brand JUUNNGLE LAB to launch an accessory collection for Valentine’s Day.

13)lost in echo partnered with Mabellline New York to present a limited-edition gift set.

14)Together with artist GIN, STAFFONLY showcased a pop-up space of themed indoor installation SHYNESS SHELTERat MEIMEI in Chengdu.


15) IP project “RED LABEL” supported by Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book)

Xiaohongshu launched a project titled “Anfu Rd Online” to create an online complex for original designer brands. The project entailed pop-up stores set up by five brands including streetwear brand CANOTWAIT_ by celebrity William Chan, LI-NING, WallpaperSTORE and so on. In total, 34 designer brands participated in “RED LABEL” project and rolled out exclusive items and latest products on Xiaohongshu, the social media and e-commerce platform.

16-18Designers Peng Chen, Fengchen Wang and Jie Ding designed costumes for the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Peng Chen and his team created designs for 5 shows of the opening ceremony.

Fengchen Wang designed the costume for flag-bearers on the opening ceremony.

Jie Ding designed costumes for children of the final show “Snowflake” and for those who sang the Olympic Anthem.

19)MAIA ACTIVE launched a themed campaign named “Recycle Discomfort” to cooperate with environmental protection institution that recycled fabrics and to collect used yoga garment for recycling.

20)delicates set up a sustainable project titled “Sustainable Romance of Waste” to recycle used T-shirts to create new products.

21)YIRANTIAN held a pop-up space themed “Micro Form” at NOUND NOUND located in Nanjing Deji Plaza.

22)ROARINGWILD teamed up with LABELHOOD’s menswear store to launch a pop-up space themed “MEMORIES CHAPTER” and the starting-presentation of its new collection ROARINGWILD 22SS.

23)YVMIN held a pop-up event themed “Cat Toy” at multi-brand store Dongliang in Sanlitun, Beijing.

24)SAMUEL GUÌ YANG presented an exhibition of the 2022 Spring/Summer collection “The Future Body” at hug’s concept store in Chengdu.

Online/Offline Expansions

25)Ms MIN established an exclusive flagship store at Taikoo Li Qiantan, Shanghai.

26)mithworld unveiled its first store in Tianjin Province at the Mixc Tianjin.

27)Reclothing Bank opened its flagship store at  Jinchao 8 Long in Shanghai.

28)SMFK launched its flagship store on e-commerce fashion platform “Dewu”.


29)The 9th LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers

Hosted by LVMH, the 9th LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers revealed a list of contenders for the preliminary contest, and Chinese designers Peng Chen and Yueqi Qi were selected for the next round of competition.

| Photo Credit: Brands

| Writer: Crystal You


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