Crossover Collaborations between Independent Chinese Designers Continue to be Active | Luxe.CO Designers Monthly (July 2021)

August 16,2021

In July, crossover collaborations between independent Chinese designer brands remained active. Examples of collaborative product launches include HEFANG Jewelry and actor Qiao Xin; SANKUANZ, American footwear brand Crocs and French niche perfume brand Atelier Cologne; SHUSHU/TONG and Estee Lauder; plus Comme Moi and  Swiss luxury watch brand IWC.

In addition, designer brands continue to be active in online/offline channels outreach.

This issue of Luxe.CO Designers Monthly includes 14 collaborations between designer brands and commercial brands, as well as designer brands landing at Milan Fashion Week, organizing brand events, opening online and offline stores, holding pop-up stores, limited-time exhibitions and other events.

—— Fashion Week ——

1) Three Chinese designer brands enter the official schedule for Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022

The organizer of Milan Fashion Week, the National Chamber of Italian Fashion (Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, CNMI), recently revealed the preliminary schedule for the Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022 women's collection, to be held from September 21 to 27.

Three Chinese designer brands have been included in the schedule: SHUTING QIU, ANNAKIKI, and HUI. Among them, SHUTING QIU and ANNAKIKI will be presented digitally, while HUI will hold an offline fashion show. (For more information, please see the Luxe.CO report: Milan Fashion Week will return to offline in September, and three Chinese designer brands are on the official schedule)

—— Collaborations ——

 1) Jewelry designer brand HEFANG Jewelry (Sun Hefang) has collaborated with actress Qiao Xin to launch their “Balloon Collection”.

2)-3) Designer brand SANKUANZ collaborates with Crocs and Atelier Cologne

The collaboration series of designer brand SANKUANZ (Shangguan Zhe) and American footwear brand Crocs was officially launched on August 5. This series incorporates SANKUANZ's representative “SHOES FOR SHOES” design, adding detachable external add-ons to Crocs classic shoes.

The brand SANKUANZ (Shangguan Zhe) has collaborated with French niche perfume brand Atelier Cologne to launch a limited-edition Orange Sanguine perfume. SANKUANZ designed the Love Wing clip for this perfume.

4) The brand Comme Moi (Lv Yan) has teamed up with the Swiss luxury watch brand IWC to launch a collaborative series of silk scarf gift box set, which contains two silk scarves of different sizes.

5) Designer brand SHUSHU/TONG (Jiang Yutong & Lei Liushu) has collaborated with Estee Lauder to launch the Chinese Valentine’s Day “Love on the Edge” limited makeup series. The series includes three products: cushion foundation, eye shadow palette and lipstick. The flower pattern that SHUSHU/TONG often uses became the inspiration for the design of cushions, eye shadow palettes and lipstick packages.

6) Designer brand Reclothing Bank (Zhang Na) has cooperated with the American skincare brand Kiehl’s to design a wash bag, which is made from 20 empty bottles recycled from Kiehl’s product lines.

7) Designer jewelry brand YVMIN (Li Min & Zhang Xiaoyu) and fragrance brand DOCUMENTS have together launched a limited-edition product, “Inlaid Bear”, for Chinese Valentine's Day.

8) Designer brand TYAKASHA (Tong Yun) and American backpack brand Gregory have launched a collaborative series of backpacks.

9) The designer accessory brand BLACKHEAD (Liu Yu) and the American street brand MISHKA have launched a collaborative series using MISHKA's classic image "Keep Watch" as the inspiration, while incorporating the rebellious and dark genes of BLACKHEAD into the street and graffiti features of MISHKA. This series was released on August 10 in the BLACKHEAD Tmall flagship store, Taobao, on its official website and in offline stores.

10) Inspired by McDonald's French fries, fashion brand Randomevent (Hong Yang) and McDonald's have teamed up to launch the “100%” limited peripheral series, featuring T-shirts, hats, folding chairs, picnic mats, and more.

11) Fashion brand SMFK (Ren Yi & Liu Yuchen) and G-SHOCK have collaborated for the second time, launching two UNISEX limited gift boxes.

12) Designer jewelry brand YURITAN (Tan Youli) and Mark Fairwhale have launched a collaborative necklace.

13) Street brand OSCill and local Chinese sportswear brand Meihua Sports have launched a collaborative series.

14) Chinese buyer shop Labelhood has teamed up with photographer Zhang Jiacheng and YUEQI QI (戚玥琪), YIRANTIAN (郭一然天), NOMANOMAN (Lingxia), and  SHUSHU/TONG (Jiang Yutong & Lei Liushu), four independent Chinese designers, and launched the “Romantic China” collaborative series.

—— Brand Activities ——

 The designer brand Christopher Raxxy (Shen Weilian) released its second ready-to-wear collection “The Great Wall” at the Simatai Great Wall on July 20. This series is inspired by traditional bamboo weaving craftsmanship from southern China. It uses the brand-patented “Qilin pattern”, “Bullet pattern” and “Great Wall pattern”, showcased especially for this show. Through these special expressions of texture, the series provides more flexibility for down jackets.

—— Offline Stores ——

 1) Designer brand MUKZIN (Han Wen & Feng Guang) has opened off-line stores in Wangfujing, Changsha and Raffles City, Chongqing.

2) Designer jewelry brand HEFANG Jewelry (Sun Hefang) has opened a counter at Beijing SKP.

 —— Pop-up Shops/Limited-Time Exhibitions ——

1) Fashion brand ROARINGWILD has opened a pop-up store at The New (Xidan Gengxin Chang) in Beijing.

2) Designer brand FENGYI TAN (Tan Fengyi) has cooperated with the Hangzhou designer brand collection store IINC BOUTIQUE on the launch of a limited-time- pop-up store.

3) Designer brand deepmoss (Liu Xiaolu) and the designer brand collection store hugchina have held a limited-time offline exhibition "TO THE OCEAN".

—— Online Channel Outreach ——

1) The flagship store of designer brand Angel Chen (Chen Anqi) has officially opened on Tmall.

|Image source: Designer brands’ official Weibo & WeChat accounts

|Editor: Elisa

|Translator: Yanke Zhu


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