China Fashion and Lifestyle Investment News:co-shared commercial kitchen, self-served gym, and pop star creation

June 26,2018

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Fashion e-Commerce Platform

  • Community e-commerce platform HAOYIKU (好衣库) raised one hundred million yuan in Series A financing

The community e-commerce platform HAOYIKU announced on June 20th that they raised one hundred million yuan in Series A financing. The investment was led by IDG Capital and followed by previous investors K2VC, Vision Plus Capital and so on. Previously, HAOYIKU raised 50-million-yuan angel investment in December 2017. The new financing will be mainly used to build supply chain and to improve the service and training systems of small and medium-sized shopping agents. Established in December 2017, HAOYIKU connects brands and shopping agents through a S2B2C (Supply Chain to Business to Customers) model. Currently, HAOYIKU has partnered with HANDU, La Chapelle, Playboy, Picasso and other brands.

Beauty Care

  • Yujiahui (御家汇) planned to acquire AFU essential oil (阿芙精油)

The founder of AFU essential oil, Diaoye disclosed in the company internal mail on June 19tht that AFU would be acquired by the listing company YUJIAHUI, the parent company of YUNIFANG (御泥坊). Established in 2006, AFU essential oil went online in 2009. Featuring the core business of self-owned brands, YUJIAHUI is an “internet + skincare” company leveraging on e-commerce as distribution channels. With the skincare product R&D (including facial masks) as a focus, YUJIAHUI owns multiple brands including YUNIFANG (御泥坊), XIAOMIHU (小迷糊), and HUYAOHUA (花瑶花). The annual sales turnover was 1.646 billion yuan in 2017.

Food & Dining

  • Kitchen co-sharing service provider JIKELIANMENG (吉刻联盟) raised tens of millions of US dollars in Series A financing

The kitchen co-sharing service provider JIKELIANMENG (吉刻联盟) announced on June 21st they raised tens of millions of US dollars in Series A financing, jointly invested by N5 Capital and Boxin Capital. The financing will be mainly used to expand stores and strengthen the intelligent transformation of stores. Established in December 2015, JIKELIANMENG features the all-in-one co-shared kitchen. The co-shared kitchen is built near commercial areas with a size of 300~500 square meters. The kitchen is divided into dozens of separate kitchens for catering businesses to rent. In addition to hardware services of space, equipment, energy and delivery, JIKELIANMENG also provides customer services, takeaway operation, dish development, marketing, brand packaging and business training services. Currently there are 150 brands working with JIKELIANMENG, including many Michelin-recommended restaurants, and many famous catering brands including Shanghai Min, Haidilao and South Memory.

Sports & Fitness

  • Gym brand FITNESS UNION (健身者联盟) raised tens of millions of yuan in Series Pre-A financing

The gym brand FITNESS UNION announced on June 21st that they raised tens of millions of yuan in Series Pre-A financing. The investment arrangement was led by Wanghui Capital. The financing will be mainly used to open offline stores. Fitness Union was established in July 2017 in Shanghai. The first gym has a size of 800 square meters and is equipped with 30 treadmills, 20 equipment and devices with separate sections of group class area, spinning area, shower area and so on. The gym applies quiXmart artificial intelligence system to achieve the 24-hour self-served service. In addition, gym members can write reviews of coaches after classes. If coaches reach a certain level on the review system, FITNESS UNION will help them open studios nearby through a support system.

Culture & Entertainment

  • Cultural entertainment company Mavericks (麦锐娱乐) raised tens of millions of yuan in Series A financing

The music production and pop star group training company, Mavericks announced on June 22nd that they raised tens of millions of yuan in Series A financing, invested by the listed company Wenkong Holdings. The financing will be mainly used on pop stars building and the selection and training system for trainees. Established in February 2017, Mavericks is committed to creating pop star groups through training systems and film and television resources. The company has discovered Zi Ning and Blair from "Creation 101" and pop stars including Xikan Li and Zheng Luo.

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| Chinese reporter: Jiaqi Wang

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