Chinese Fashion Designers Monthly - July 2020

August 20,2020

In July 2020, crossovers between Chinese designers and automobile brands were a prominent feature of the fashion landscape. Designer Uma Wang has developed car covers for the BMW X5 and X6 series, and designer Liu Yanjun has created car covers for the Volkswagen Passat PHEV.

Meanwhile, designers continue to expand offline, as we can see below.

Domestic Channel Expansion

  • BAN XIAOXUE opens two new physical stores

The designer brand BAN XIAOXUE has opened physical stores, both run by franchises, at Nantong’s Wenfeng World and Xuzhou’s Golden Eagle Pengcheng Plaza. The brand has opened 71 physical stores (self-operated & franchised) to date.

  • COMME MOI has opened a physical store at Shenyang’s Vientiane City.
  • Designer brand Hiderwater has opened a physical store in Changshu, Jiangsu.
  • CHICCO MAO has opened a physical store at Shenzhen’s Dalang Fashion Town.
  • Designer shoe brand NUOGIC has opened a counter at Shanghai’s Global Harbor.
  • Designer collection store SPMA, founded by designer Masha Ma, has opened a flagship store on T-mall (Alibaba).
  • Designer brand ISMMING has launched its official flagship store on WeChat’s Mini Program.

Launch of New Brand

  • Designer brands JUNNE and YEESIN have jointly launched a new brand called junn-yee. Items are priced at between ¥300 to ¥1500 and will be sold on Taobao, Tik Tokand third-party boutiques.


  • As noted above, Uma Wang has partnered with BMW to design car covers for the BMW X5 and X6 series.

  • Designer Liu Yanjun has designed a jersey for SAIC Volkswagen's Passat PHEV.

  • Designer brand TYAKASHA and Japanese sports brand Mizuno have launched a joint clothing series.

  • Lost General by and American shoe brand Crocs have jointly launched a new line of designer shoes.

  • Designer brand REINEREN and French cheese brand Kiri have launched a hand-carried box bag together.

  • Bronze Lucia and beer brand Snow have collaborated on new beer can designs, T-shirts, mobile phone cases and other designer products.

  • The designer brand JUNWEI LIN has collaborated with the illustrator Lu Mao on a new capsule clothing series.

  • Designer CINDY WEI ZHANG has created pattern for hair care brand Hairology.


  • Haute couture designer Guo Pei designs hand-painted skateboards for charity auction

On the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Hong Kong charity Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, a "Skateboard Art Exhibition and Online Charity Auction" was held. To mark the occasion, haute couture designer Guo Pei designed two hand-painted skateboards with patterns inspired by ancient Chinese porcelain. The skateboards will be exhibited together with skateboards designed by nearly 60 other artists at Sotheby's Art Space in Hong Kong, and will be auctioned for charity on Sotheby's website from August 18th-28th.

  • Designer brand Reclothing Bank participates in the "Renewable Joint Exhibition"

K11 Art Center recently held its "Renewable Joint Exhibition" in Shenyang. Chinese designer brand Reclothing Bank founded by Zhang Na participated in this exhibition on August 15, showcasing the brand's three product lines: "Zhong (Basic)", "Le (Ready-to-wear)" and "Zai (Haute Couture)". These include coats, jumpsuits, jackets made from old clothes, sweaters made from recycled plastic bottles, clothing and accessories made from biodegradable corn fiber and eco-friendly Tencel graffiti suits.

  • Together with the integrated store FIL Gallery, designer SUSAN FANG has curated an exhibition in Fuzhou on the theme of nature and environmental protection. Fang connected flowers, leaves, lights and crystal beads to form a "micro-forest" scene.

| Photo Credit: Brand

| Author: Crystal You, Lydia Zhang

| Editor: Damien, Maier


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