ELLASSAY’s 2021 Annual Report: Laurèl, IRO Paris, self-portrait and Ed Hardy All Achieved Growth

March 12,2022

On March 10th, ELLASSAY CO., LTD (STOCK CODE: 603808, the “Company”) issued its key operational data of 2021. The report shows that the company’s revenue reached around 2.3 to 2.4 billion yuan, a 17.2% to 22.3% year-on-year growth.

The Company states that due to one-time gains generated from investors acquiring a stake in ELLASSAY’s subsidiary Shanghai Baiqiu Network Technology Co., Ltd. in 2020, net profit attributable to equity holders dropped 25.8% to 30.3% year-on-year, at around 310 million to 330 million yuan. As a result, net profit after the deduction of non-recurring gains and losses was about 260 million to 280 million yuan, up about 36.7% to 47.2% year-on-year.

ELLASSAY Group, the Chinese womenswear giant that includes its own namesake Chinese luxury brand ELLASSAY and German high-end women’s wear Laurèl, also owns the global business of French designer’s brand IRO Paris, mainland China business of British modern fashion brand self-portrait and American lifestyle fashion brand Ed Hardy’s business in Greater China (including HK, Macau and Taiwan).

In 2021, ELLASSAY brand grossed 1.02 billion yuan, up 9% year-on-year; IRO Paris, 593 million yuan, a roughly 10% year-on year growth. In February, IRO Paris announced its plan to accelerate its digitalization strategy and to develop its product line of menswear with the support of the Group.

Furthermore, Ed Hardy’s revenue reached 307 million yuan, a 42.76% year-on-year increase; Laurèl’s revenue jumped 68.19% at 246 million yuan; self-portrait reached over 4-fold year-on-year growth at 175 million yuan, making it the brand with the biggest sales volume among the five on Tmall.

Revenue of Group's Main Brands:

In terms of marketing, on March 8th, ELLASSAY brand announced Chinese actor Jin Chen as its new brand ambassador. Meanwhile, renowned British actor Jude Law’s daughter Iris Law has been chosen as the first celebrity figure of IRO Paris in global market and to participate in the brand’s Spring/Summer campaign. In 2020, ELLASSAY created a virtual character @ELISA with CGI for its 2020 Spring/Summer campaign, which has made ELLASSAY the first fashion company to use virtual ambassador in China.

| Image Credit: ELLASSAY

| Writer: Jiaqi Wang


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