SKP Becomes the First Carbon-neutral Retail Mall Certified by Carbonstop in China

November 24,2021

On November 16th, 2021, the luxury department store chain SKP became China’s first retail group to be certified carbon neutral after it was certified by Carbonstop, China’s first carbon management software and consulting services provider.

In June 2021, SKP signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Carbonstop, with the latter providing carbon emission accounting and carbon neutral pathway planning solutions, which are based on "CREOS" carbon neutral pathway and SaaS, the carbon management platform,.so to help SKP reach the goal.

CREOS, the five-step carbon-neutral pathway, entails Calculating, Reducing, Engaging, Offsetting and Spreading. Furthermore, Carbonstop also offers SKP scenario-centric emission reduction planning, including office scenes, travel and commuting scenes, dining scenes and new construction projects.

Currently, SKP is optimizing every segment of energy consumption within its overall operations and setting new standards for luxury retail industry. It’s understood that these standards have been applied to all existing SKP stores in Beijing and Xi’an and is a focus for the upcoming chain stores in Chengdu and Wuhan.

SKP wants to make sure that it can expand business in China while being respectful to Mother Earth. In the future, SKP will enlist more of its partners in this approach to accelerate the process to reach carbon neutrality.

| Photo Credit: SKP


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