Wolford’s Sales Grew by 65% and Wolford*NEIWAI Collection will be Launched

September 3,2021

The Austrian luxury lingerie brand Wolford released their key financial data of the six-month period ended June 30 2021.

  • Sales grew by 10% to EUR 41.9 million
  • A loss of EUR 13.3 million, which dropped by 31%
  • Operating costs dropped by 8%
  • Gross profit margin grew by 4.5% to 81.4%

Sales in the U.S. and China had “grown steadily.” Calculated in RMB, sales in China grew by 65%. Calculated in USD, sales in the U.S. grew by 32%. The epidemic control measures in effect and newly enacted “led to severe losses in the European market.” But “sales had been basically flat” in Europe, Middle East and EMEA.

During the reporting period, Wolford’s online sales had grown by 18%. The proportion of online channels (including self-operated ones and those of partners) had increased from 21% to about 34%.

According to Wolford, it had developed a new brand structure last year based on the effective cooperating program of W Laband consolidation of The W collection. “The W is a new collection with a more distinctive modern and urban stance.”

Wolford holds high hopes for the W Lab cooperation projects. “The first Amina Muaddi x Wolford partnership allows us to reach out to a new, fashionable consumer group through online marketing and exhibition at boutique fashion shops.”

Through cooperation with a local company, Wolford has further expanded the key market. In the next project, the company is going to team up with the Chinese lingerie brand NEIWAI, which is known for its simple and sustainable lingerie. The Wolford*NEIWAI collection will be launched this month in China.


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