From Prada to Loro Piana, the Latest Trends in Down Jackets Are All at Milan Fashion Week!

March 2,2021

The down jackets of various brands have become a highlight at Milan Fashion Week 2021-2022 Autumn and Winter. These brands are revisiting the oversize fluffy jackets of the 1980s and the cocoon-shaped silhouettes of the 1990s to enhance their practicality. At the same time, sustainable materials are also a major trend.

This Milan Fashion Week started on February 23 (Wednesday) and lasted until March 1. Due to the pandemic, it was mainly presented online.


Prada’s new collection is designed by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons. They displayed several different styles of outerwear, most of which are made of Prada’s iconic black recycled nylon (Re-Nylon), with a loose-fitting version. Some are decorated with sequins and some are lined with artificial fur.

Prada said in a statement: “In this collection we play with the idea of the classic - we subvert it, we transmutate it.”

Raf Simons said: “There are many more contrasts in this collection - retro and futuristic, embellished and minimal, sports and elegance - because we are combining them, hybridizing them, creating something that seems new.”


The Italian brand Bacon was also inspired by the 90s.

Most of this season features short down jackets, using bandana motifs in the style of the 1990s. The hood design offers a feeling of security, and the inner lining is layered to enhance the warmth retention effect. Some of the fabrics are stitched together, coming from camouflage fragments on military uniforms that were originally destined for landfill. Bacon showcased these pieces with the help of virtual models.

Bacon also launched a sustainable capsule series called “Eco Sport”, which contains seven pieces. The series is made of the green textile Seaqual, a material recovered from waste PET (polyethylene terephthalate) collected from the ocean and land. It is equipped with water-based prints, biodegradable labels and environmentally friendly packaging.

Bacon founder Andrea Pilato Barrara said: “Women know that wearing a down jacket can also look elegant and cool.” This year is the tenth anniversary of Bacon’s establishment, and Gigi Hadid is among its fans.

Oof Wear

Oof Wear borrows from the style of mountaineering coats from the 1980s, using such elements as sequined velvet down jackets, plush drawstring jackets with leopard patterns, and coats lined with artificial wool sheep. The brand also introduced an oversize model made from recycled fillers.

Alessandro Biasotto, CEO of NYKY Group, Oof Wear’s parent company, said that Oof Wear hopes to provide diversified products and tap the needs and styles of different customers. Most of its customers are attracted by the practicality of its down jackets.


Moorer also tried some unexpected materials, including the combination of denim and down jackets, creating a rock and roll aesthetic.

Loro Piana

Loro Piana launched a pink cashmere down jacket using its iconic waterproof, wind-resistant Storm System protection technology.

La DoubleJ

La DoubleJ launched a double-sided down jacket with jacquard fabric on one side and nylon fabric on the other. This down jacket is chic enough to be worn over a ball gown.


Herno launched the Globe environmental protection series, including seven different styles. Its bomber short down jacket uses Fast5Degradable fabric made of “Amni Soul Eco polyamide”, which is biodegradable within five years. The long coat and cocoon down jacket are made of recycled Econyl nylon and recycled down.

| Source: Reuters, Milan Fashion Week Instagram account

| Photo Credit: Milan Fashion Week Website and Instagram account,

| By Zhu Ruoyu


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