What did they say at the Luxe.CO Annual Sustainable Fashion Forum 2021?

February 11,2021

On February 3rd, 2021, the Luxe.CO Annual Sustainable Fashion Forum on the Cloud was successfully held. Speakers from ten brands and supply chain companies in industries such as beauty, shoes, clothing, and jewelry had a conversation with us on sustainable fashion. Here are some highlights of their speech:

Zhenzhen Lan

Vice President at L'Oréal China

“In 2020, we sent more than 40 million tape-free, easy-to-tear and 100% biodegradable green parcels.”

“We are committed to building ‘Partners of Tomorrow’ in an effort to influence young people from different groups using the power of role models. Healthy planet, see you tomorrow!”

“It is necessary to enhance the positive impact of sustainable consumption on young people. Their views on the future cannot be formed overnight, so we should encourage and influence them as they keep growing.”

Filippo Gori

General Manager, Asia Pacific at GEOX

“At the beginning of the path towards sustainability it’s just about being more in line with the spirit of GEOX. As you know we always think we can do things in a different or possibly better way. Sustainability is one of the big criteria we use to decide our partners and where to produce.”

“I think what we have been doing is trying to do community events to educate consumers in that direction. The more companies do that, the more consumers will understand what we are doing and why.”

Malin Lundahl

Sustainability Manager at H&M Greater China

“We have a separate sustainability organization with a lot of experts that take on new, innovative and different topics. For the sustainability organization, we hired around 200 people worldwide that work with sustainability as their main responsibility. ”

“The awareness level or education part of sustainable fashion has reached different levels within the world, so consumers might ask for more in some markets than others.”

Wei Wei

China Sustainable Development Director at Decathlon

“I believe a happy worker would produce pleasing products and produce positive energy when working.”

“As a renowned sports brand, we can play a leading role in sustainable development, and we have the responsibility to lead green transformation in the whole supply chain. We are committed to achieving eco-design for all products by 2026.”

Guozhong Chen

Supply Chain Management Centre Director at LILANZ

“As a public company, LILANZ is responsible for and capable of putting the focus on sustainable fashion within the entire supply chain.”

“Once the supply chain is selected and integrated, the drive for sustainability is assured.”

“Our starting point, when making products, is making good products and doing something meaningful at the same time.”

Ping Dong

Vice President and Chief Sustainable Innovation Officer at Sinotytex Co., Ltd

“Successful commercialization of sustainable products is the best support for sustainability.”

“As a supplier, we, in cooperation with brands, devote ourselves to translating technical language into "consumers’ language", arousing consumers’ greater interest in the textiles or the material.”

“Explanations on how the products are eco-friendly are sometimes unnecessary. Instead, we should make it obvious to consumers at first glance that this is eco-friendly.”


Jane Zhao

Founder of P.E.T. Plastic Ecological Transformation

“Avoid imposing green concepts on consumers. Sustainable fashion products should be good enough to attract users.”

“Go back to its essence — focus on the products, because only good sustainable products attract consumers.”

“When communicating with consumers, we try to translate jargon into everyday spoken language that everyone understands.”

Juliet Guo

Founder of Sandriver

“Sustainability is not a burden; it’s a contributor to another possibility.”

“In the cashmere industry, we talk about slow fashion and inheritance. The product itself carries features inherited from tradition, therefore we should promote fashion as a matter of sustainable inheritance.”

Yuan Shen

Brand Director at Manduka China

“Sustainability is design thinking; it's a systematic undertaking.”

“Consumers should be encouraged to look beyond price and see the value and the life cycle of the product.”

Ayur Wu

Co-founder of YIN

“In their marketing and advertising, Chinese brands should not steer toward value for money. Rather, we need to use brand concepts, design and the products themselves to attract customers.”

“Since beginning, we have had many clashes with traditional ideas, and traditional consumption patterns need to be guided by the brand.”

| By Mireya


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