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August 5,2020

The 19 fashion and lifestyle brands and enterprise groups selected for review this week are Serapian, Rothy’s, Hush Puppies, IKEA, Converse, Innisfree, Amazon, Prana, Vitale, Nordstrom, McKinsey, Walmart, Target, SEIKO, Vivobarefoot, David Jones, Iris Garden, COMBACK, and THE GREEN TONE.

Launch of Sustainable Products

Serapian launches ecological leather goods for the first time

The Italian leather goods brand, Serapian, has launched sustainable men's leather goods for the first time. The series includes four products, namely, wallets, cardholders, toilet bags, and mask storage bags, which are currently available for purchase on the company's official website.

Rothy’s launches environmentally-friendly casual shoes

The American environmental protection women's shoe brand, Rothy’s, has launched a new series of fashionable casual shoes, using 100% recycled plastic bottles as the upper knitting yarn, 3D knitting technology for the production, and reducing waste in the cutting process.

Hush Puppies launches low-carbon footwear

Inspired by desert environmental protection, Hush Puppies, an American casual footwear and clothing brand, has launched a new ECO-LIGHT low-carbon series of shoes. Hush Puppies has also planted Haloxylon ammodendron in Bayannur in ​​Inner Mongolia in the name of consumers to contribute to the earth's environmental protection.

IKEA launches eco-friendly clothing and grocery collections

The Japanese branch of the Swedish furniture giant, IKEA, has stated that it will release its first clothing and miscellaneous collection, EFTERTRÄDA, at IKEA Harajuku in Tokyo. The clothing is made of recycled cotton and other materials that meet the concept of sustainable development.

Converse launches renewable and environmentally-friendly footwear

The classic sportswear brand, Converse, has launched the new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Crater, which reduces resource consumption while retaining the iconic characteristics of classic shoes and adheres to the principles of zero emissions and zero waste.

Sustainable Packaging

Innisfree launches limited-edition plastic packaging

Innisfree, a brand under the Korean beauty Amorepacific Group, has recently launched a limited edition of environmentally-friendly plastic-reducing packaging, PAPER BOTTLE, which contains 51% less plastic than the old packaging.

Amazon adopts a new reusable packaging box

The US e-commerce giant, Amazon, has begun to adopt a new reusable packaging box as part of its "Less Packaging More Smiles" program.

Sustainable Materials

Prana develops sustainable fabric, ReZion

The American clothing brand, Prana, has developed a sustainable fabric called ReZion, which is Bluesign certified and made of recycled nylon. The brand's Spring 2021 Zion collection will be made from this fabric.

Vitale launches natural silk fabrics that are "cruelty-free"

The Italian family wool spinning mill, Vitale Barberis Canonico, has launched a sustainable and "cruelty-free" red castor silk fabric. This is the first time a woolen mill has adopted this special silk production method in the history of men's textile products.

Forum/Exhibition/Research Report

Nordstrom releases its 2025 Corporate Social Responsibility goals

Nordstrom, a high-end department store operator in the United States, has released its 2025 sustainable development goal of halving the use of single-use plastics in the supply chain. Nordstrom has also donated US$1 million for innovative textile recycling and US$250,000 to combat climate change.

McKinsey releases its biodiversity guidelines

The well-known consultancy company, McKinsey & Company, has issued guidelines for fashion brand retailers and others to deal with the loss of biodiversity, encouraging companies to utilize natural ecosystems, innovative materials, and processes, and reverse biodiversity loss.

Walmart and Target participate in research on alternatives to plastic bags

American retailers, including Walmart Inc. and the Target Corp., have jointly participated in the $15 million "Beyond the Bag" project. They plan to find alternatives to plastic bags and design feasible and effective plastic bag substitutes to serve the retail industry in the next three years.

SEIKO donates to assist the Ocean Learning Center

Seiko Watch, the watch division of Japanese watch giant, Seiko Holdings, has recently launched the Prospex series Save the Ocean marine charity watches. Part of the global sales will be donated to Fabien Cousteau’s "Ocean Learning Center", calling for people to protect the ocean and provide a better living environment for marine life.

E-Commerce Platform

Vivobarefoot launches a shoe repair and resale e-commerce platform

The British shoe company, Vivobarefoot, has launched Revivo, an e-commerce platform that specializes in shoe repair and resale services with the aim of reducing waste and preventing waste shoes from being landfilled as garbage. Shoes can be sold or repaired by craftsmen at low prices on this platform.

David Jones launches a digital platform

Australian high-end brand retailer, David Jones, has launched a new digital platform to categorize sustainable brands to help consumers to quickly find them and increase the visibility of brands that comply with social and environmental sustainability standards.

Chinese Brands in Action

Iris Garden launches eco-friendly clothing

The Chinese local brand, Iris Garden, has launched an Urban Outdoor series made of 100% Lyocell fiber. The waste produced in production can be degraded naturally and does not pollute the environment.

COMBACK launches an eco-friendly bag series

The original luggage brand, COMBACK, has recently launched a UNI-PROCESS series of eco-friendly bags made of RPET eco-friendly recycled fabrics.

"Zero Waste Design" Contest

The sustainable fashion innovation platform, THE GREEN TONE, planned and launched a "Zero Waste Design" contest. Designers, students, and other individuals or teams were welcome to participate in promoting sustainable fashion. The contest was awarded by Redress, the Hong Kong environmental charity organization.

| Photo Credit: Brand, Pexel

| Editor: Lingli Su, Mireya


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