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July 2,2020

The following 17 fashion and lifestyle brands and enterprise groups were selected this week;

Gucci, Allbirds, Senreve, Grove Collaborative, Kering Group, Burberry, Unilever, Uniqlo, Vitale Barberis Canonico (VBC), La Mer, IFF, L'Oréal Group, HowBottle, BOTTLOOP, HEYTEA, Deji Plaza, and Veg Planet.

Launch of Sustainable Products

Gucci has launched an environmentally-friendly series, Gucci Off The Grid

The Italian luxury brand, Gucci, has launched a new series, Gucci Off The Grid, with a focus on environmental protection with 100% recyclable raw materials. Econyl, which is recycled nylon made from discarded fishing nets and gear salvaged from the ocean, is the main raw material, but all the other materials, including heavy metal-free tanned leather, polyester thread and lining, brass and gold, and solvent-free adhesives, are also recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Allbirds has released the new TrinoTM eco-friendly underwear series

Innovative footwear brand, Allbirds, has released a new TrinoTM eco-friendly underwear series, thereby continuing to broaden its category and product line. Following the launch of its socks series last year, Allbirds released Dasher, a high-performance green technology running shoe made of natural materials, at the end of April this year.

Senreve has launched 100% vegan leather series

Senreve, a fashion bag brand from San Francisco, USA, has launched an environmentally-friendly series made of non-animal leather, using patented environmentally-friendly microfiber leather material and customized dyeing. In addition to vegan leather, Senreve ensures the use of non-animal products for various parts of the bags.

E-commerce Platform

E-commerce platform, Grove Collaborative, has acquired the skincare brand, Sundaily

Grove Collaborative, the US e-commerce platform for natural household and personal care products, has acquired the skincare brand, Sundaily. Founded in 2018, Sundaily is a B Corp sustainable certification company that mainly produces and sells capsule jelly that improves skin health. It features effective plant extracts and is dedicated to improving the transparency of ingredients, using as many vegetarian and non-GMO organic ingredients as possible.

Forum/Exhibition/Research Report

The Kering Group has released a "Sustainability Progress Report"

The French luxury goods giant, the Kering Group, has released a three-year "Sustainability Progress Report", which contains the initiatives of the Group's brands to achieve sustainability. As of 2018, Kering has achieved carbon neutrality based on projects that protect key forests and biodiversity.

Burberry's fashion show in September this year will achieve complete "carbon neutrality"

The British luxury goods group, Burberry, will host a Spring 2021 show in London in September this year. Burberry’s chief creative executive, Riccardo Tisci, says that, consistent with the previous two catwalks, this fashion show will achieve complete "carbon neutrality". In order to reduce the impact of the show on the surrounding environment, any additional carbon emissions will be offset by the Burberry “Regeneration Fund”. This fund was established in February this year and is mainly used to support a series of carbon emission reduction-related projects of the group’s supply chain.

Unilever has established a fund to support sustainable development and environmental protection

The European consumer goods giant, Unilever, will invest 1 billion euros in funding climate change projects and reduce the net greenhouse gas emissions of all its products to zero by 2039, which is 11 years before the deadline of The Paris Agreement. The fund will invest in projects like landscape restoration, afforestation, carbon sequestration, wildlife protection, and the protection of water sources in the next ten years. The company's follow-up plan to reduce internal emissions by 2030 is to achieve a net goal of zero emissions.

Unilever's goals are:

  • To achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions for all products by 2039
  • To achieve a deforestation-free supply chain by 2023
  • To enable the new generation of farmers to protect and upgrade the environment
  • To enable all suppliers to apply new renewable agriculture regulations
  • To extend the water resources management plan to 100 water-scarce areas by 2030

Uniqlo Tokyo has established the world's largest sustainable permanent exhibition space

Japanese fast-fashion giant, Uniqlo, has set up the world's largest sustainable development-related permanent exhibition space spread across different floors of “Uniqlo Tokyo”, Japan's largest store in Ginza, Tokyo.

For example, the file display area of ​​the booklet, "Power of Clothing", in 2009, as well as "people", "planet" and "community" are the themes of the exhibition. This store will continue to launch activities related to the themes of sustainable development and women's empowerment in the future.

Vitale Barberis Canonico (VBC) has published its 2019 Sustainability Report

Vitale Barberis Canonico, one of the oldest wool-spinning companies in the world, has published the second edition of its Sustainability Report. In 2019, VBC introduced a set of chemical management processes, mainly for the internal management of chemical products, which followed the MRSL unified standards that comply with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) program. At the product level, Vidal has launched its first sustainable fabric series, H.O.P.E.

La Mer has invited many celebrities to protect the ocean

The French high-end skincare brand, La Mer, has invited actors Hai Qing, Lu Yi, Qin Hailu, and Zhu Yawen to convey the power of protecting the ocean.

International Fur Federation (IFF) and Kopenhagen Fur has launched a sustainability-themed initiative

On June 5th, World Environmental Protection Day, the IFF and Kopenhagen Fur jointly launched an online initiative entitled "Part of the solution" to jointly promote a natural, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable fashion lifestyle.

L’Oréal Group's "Green Packaging Graffiti Collection Order" activity

L’Oréal China and the Alibaba Group have jointly upgraded the project based on jointly promoting green packaging in 2018, and jointly launched the "Green Packaging Graffiti Collection Order" with the China Environmental Protection Foundation, inviting consumers to play with green packaging together to make green consumption a trend.


 Chinese Companies in Action

HowBottle has become the first officially-certified B Corp® in Mainland China

More than 90% of the products of HowBottle, a trendy local Chinese brand, which has become the first officially-certified B Corporation in Mainland China, are made from environmentally-friendly recycled materials, even small parts, packaging, accessories, webbing, fasteners, coatings, and printing, and its supply chain is strictly screened in recognition of the concept of sustainability.

BOTTLOOP and Hainan Airlines have jointly created the first "plastic-free" flight

Guided by the Ecological Environment Department of Hainan Province, the national environmental protection brand, BOTTLOOP, joined Hainan Airlines to launch a sustainable theme activity on a flight from Haikou to Beijing. More than 100 passengers participated in the cabin interaction and opened the first domestic plastic-free airline.

Green Heytea Environmental Program Upgrade

Heytea launched a Green Heytea environmental protection plan in 2019. This plan will be upgraded on the occasion of its first anniversary. Heytea will begin to use new packaging materials and replace straws, cup covers, cups, and paper bags. At the same time, Heytea designers will begin to introduce waste materials to create a green-inspired recycled tea-drinking space. According to statistics, as of May 31st, Heytea’s “Bring your own cup” activity has reduced the cumulative use of more than 24,000 disposable cups and 970W plastics. It has also recycled 1800 kg of plastic cups, which will be invested in Heytea’s inspired design to create Heytea peripheral products.

Deji Plaza has launched the "Chinese Green" art installation

Deji Plaza and One Planet Foundation (OPF) have jointly planted 30 acres of woodland and 2,500 fabrics in the Asian Elephant Habitat in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan. At the same time, the “Chinese Green” Art Installation was launched on June 20th.

Veg Planet has created an environmentally-friendly online mall

The vegetarian lifestyle platform, Veg Planet, has made its store "Brown Rice Home" environmentally-friendly by using degradable materials, reducing the amount of plastic, using environmentally-friendly tapes, and reducing the plastic fillers on product packaging.

| Photo Credit: Brand WeChat Official Account

| Chinese Correspondent: Mireya

| Editor: Elisa


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