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June 24,2020

The 8 fashion and lifestyle brands and enterprise groups selected this week are Timberland, Feng Chen Wang, 8ON8, Air Jordan, Adidas, H&M, BCI, and Deji Plaza.

Launch of Sustainable Products

Timberland has launched a new Rest & Roam environmental series

American outdoor lifestyle brand, Timberland, has announced the launch of a new Rest & Roam environmental series, which includes shoes, men's clothing, women's clothing, and other products, using environmentally-friendly materials such as ReBOTL made from recycled plastic bottles.

Feng Chen Wang has released a new series of environmentally-friendly capsules

Chinese designer brand, Feng Chen Wang, officially released a new series of environmentally-friendly capsules, REWORK, on June 12, 2020. This series is a continuation of the brand's environmental protection concept, using inventory clothing and fabrics to create brand new works, while reducing waste and the brand's impact on the environment.

8ON8 has released a sustainable headdress series, Crown of Ruins 

Chinese designer brand, 8ON8, has released a sustainable headdress series entitled the Crown of Ruins,. This series is composed of 9 pure hand-sewn hats, each of which is made of the remaining fabrics and accessories inside the brand and the waste clothing collected in the second-hand store in order to convey the brand designer, Gong Li’s new definition of sustainable recyclable products.

Nike Air Jordan is about to launch the Space Hippie environmental shoe series

Sports brand, Air Jordan, of the American sports giant, Nike, is set to launch its Space Hippie environmental shoe series, Air Jordan 1 High Zoom "Space Hippie" in August 2020. This pair of shoes continues the concept of the Space Hippie series of environmental protection and is made of recycled materials from the upper to the sole.

Adidas has launched new PRIMEBLUE eco-friendly running shoes

German sports giant, Adidas, has announced the launch of new PRIMEBLUE environmentally-friendly running shoes, Run 4D 1.0. The uppers of the shoes are made of Parley Ocean Plastic made from marine plastics, using Adidas's latest Primeblue fabric recycling technology.

Sustainability Themed Activities / Public Welfare Activities

 H&M has launched an old clothes recycling program

Swedish fast-fashion brand, H&M, has launched a recycling program for used clothes in order to better protect the environment and raise the awareness of sustainable development. Consumers can donate all clothes that are no longer worn regardless of brands and conditions to the brand’s offline stores, so that they can be “reborn”, using H&M's recycling technology.

BCI project was officially launched in Egypt

After years of hard work and preparation, BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) have officially launched the BCI project in Egypt. The cotton farmers who participate in this project will be trained in "Better Cotton Principles and Criteria". By following these principles, the way cotton farmers grow cotton will have a significantly positive impact on the environment and the agricultural community. This cotton will enter the global supply chain after certification.

Chinese Companies in Action

Deji Plaza has launched "Chinese Green" public welfare and environmental protection activities

Nanjing Deji Plaza, a high-end shopping mall in Nanjing, held a "Chinese Green" large-scale public welfare and environmental protection event to celebrate the 14th anniversary of its founding. As its first offline event, Deji Plaza created a “Green Things Collection” flash market and selected 15 major “natural and environmentally-friendly” brands to settle in. Besides, consumers were sent an invitation, requesting that they take pictures of the environmental protection behavior around them and pay attention to sustainable development.

 About the "Luxe.CO Global Sustainable Fashion Report"

Since 2018, Luxe.Co has regularly published its Global Sustainable Fashion Report, which focuses on the sustainable development of the global fashion industry. It has also established a sustainable fashion database, which contains 345 fashion brands’ sustainable trends, 58 sustainable concept brands, and 48 related supply chain companies. The database provides more inspiration and case studies for brands that practice sustainable development in the fashion industry.

We believe that the sustainable development of the fashion industry needs to be based on down-to-earth practice and the continuous thinking and iteration of the entire industry. Therefore, Luxe.CO will focus on sustainable innovation projects in the fashion industry in the future by exploring B side and C side sustainable innovation strategies and implementation plans that are practical and can create real value.

At the same time, all industry organizations and people who pay attention to and practice sustainable fashion are also welcome to reach out to us!

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