Global Sustainable Fashion Weekly by Luxe.CO

June 17,2020

11 fashion and lifestyle brands and enterprise groups were selected in the "Luxe.CO Global Sustainable Fashion Report" this week. They are:

Converse, La Roche-Posay, Pandora, Procter & Gamble (P&G), Gucci, Kering, Patagonia, Blancpain, Textile Exchange, Xtep, and Urban Revivo.

Sustainable Product Launches

Converse launches the Tri-Panel Renew eco-friendly series

Classic sportswear brand Converse has launched a new Tri-Panel Renew series. This series is offered in two two styles, low-top and high-top. The upper is made from recycled waste cotton and recycled plastic.

Sustainable Packaging

La Roche-Posay to adopt sustainable paper packaging

This paper packaging was developed by the French beauty giant L'Oreal Group and beauty product packaging supplier Albéa. It will be used for the first time on products from L'Oreal Group's cosmeceutical brand La Roche-Posay. La Roche-Posay's new 200ml moisturizing sunscreen lotion will be the first to be packaged in paper.The product will first be marketed in France and then promoted globally.

Sustainability Themed Activities / Public Welfare Activities

Pandora jewelry to all be made of recyclable gold and silver materials by 2025

Danish jewelry brand Pandora announced that by 2025, the brand will only purchase recyclable gold and silver, and completely stop using newly developed mineral gold and silver to make jewelry. Because recycling metals consumes fewer resources than mining new metals, the use of recycled gold and silver will reduce carbon emissions, water consumption, and other environmental impacts. According to life cycle assessments, carbon emissions from recycled silver are one-third of mined silver, while carbon emissions from recovered gold are less than 1/600th of mined gold.

Currently, 71% of the gold and silver in Pandora jewelry is recycled.

Gucci launches a new eco-friendly account GucciEquilibrium on Instagram

Italian luxury brand Gucci has launched a new account GucciEquilibrium on the social media platform Instagram and simultaneously updated the "Gucci Equilibrium" website (, showing the brand's continued commitment to promoting sustainability in environmental and human development .

On June 9, Gucci released its 2019 “Environmental Profit & Loss" statement. The report shows that the brand’s comprehensive environmental impact dropped by 21% year-on-year.

Procter & Gamble launches its "Living Without Waste, Pioneering Youth” Sustainability-Themed Campaign

The American consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble (China) Ltd is using its "Living Without Waste, Pioneering Youth" themed campaign to call on young people to act together to turn environmental protection into a daily routine. During COVID-19, Procter & Gamble has also encouraged students to pay attention to environmental protection following the example of Generation Z.

Kering funds the Environmental Video Platform “The Explorers”

French luxury goods giant Kering has said that in addition to relying on scientific theory and practical actions, the group's sustainable development strategy also focuses on raising public awareness of environmental protection and encouraging public participation to allow as many people as possible to play their role in protecting biodiversity.

“The Explorers” will help people understand and protect the earth in depth. To achieve this goal, the video platform has established an active community to encourage people to contribute to the protection of the planet.

Patagonia Worn Wear launches a sewing workshop campaign

From June to July 2020, Patagonia, a well-known American outdoor equipment brand, will hold a one-month pop-up store event in the curatorial retail space, Shanghai TX Huaihai. From June 6th to June 7th, they launched Worn Wear, a sewing workshop campaign. Consumers participating in the event could not only learn some sewing tips andtransform their old clothes themselves, but also had the opportunity to work with teachers to make unique and practical small card packages from Patagonia's old fabrics.

From May 30 to May 31, Patagonia also launched the Worn Wear limited-time experience event at Shanghai Seesaw Coffee at Shangsheng Xinsuo.

Blancpain x WeChat Pay jointly launch the "Perfect Planet" mini-game "Heart in the Ocean" game zone

On World Ocean Day on June 8, 2020, Swiss luxury watch brand Blancpain and WeChat Pay jointly launched the "Perfect Planet" mini-game "Heart in the Ocean" zone, hoping that people can better practice environmental protection and protect the ocean and Earth.

Forum/Exhibition/Research Report

Textile Exchange releases its "2019 Material Change Insights Report"

This report, released by the international non-profit organization Textile Exchange, shows that the textile industry is transitioning to "preferred materials", global cooperation and a circular economy. The "preferred materials" mentioned here refer to environmentally and socially friendly natural materials and synthetic fibers such as organic cotton, biosynthetic polyester and recycled polyester. "Global cooperation" refers to the global cooperation consensus such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations.

Chinese Enterprises in Action

Xtep launches an environmentally-friendly, degradable  windbreaker

On June 5, the Chinese sports goods brand Xtep launched the brand's first environmentally friendly product, the degradable windbreaker. The main material of this windbreaker is polylactic acid extracted from starch crops such as corn. Under certain circumstances, the windbreaker can naturally degrade within one year. The degradable windbreaker is divided into a ‘vitality’ series and a ‘running’ series. There are four styles for men and women, with a total of ten colors.

Urban Revivo launches "Haibao Guardian Action"

Chinese fast fashion brand Urban Revivo has participated in the marine biodiversity conservation charity campaign initiated by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). It has also co-operated with the One Planet Foundation (OPF) to launch “Haibao Guardian Action”.

From June 5th to June 8th, consumers can go to Urban Revivo's official Weibo and designated stores, scan small programs to play games, and support marine species protection.

About the "Luxe.CO Global Sustainable Fashion Report"

Since 2018, has regularly launched the "Global Sustainable Fashion Report", which focuses on the sustainable development of the global fashion industry, and established a "sustainable fashion database", which contains 345 fashion brands’ sustainable trends and 58 sustainable concepts brands and 48 related supply chain companies to provide more inspiration and reference cases for brands that practice sustainable development in the fashion industry.

We believe that the sustainable development of the fashion industry needs to be established based on down-to-earth practice and continuous thinking and iteration of the entire industry. Therefore, in the future, will focus on sustainable innovation projects in the fashion industry, exploring the B side and C side sustainable innovation strategies and implementation plans that are practical and can create real value.

At the same time, all industry organizations and people who pay attention to and practice sustainable fashion are also welcomed to communicate with us!

How to join the chatting group: add Hualitea, the virtual assistant of Luxe.CO on WeChat, and add note "可持续时尚群聊", we will pull you into the group as soon as possible.

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