Global Sustainable Fashion Weekly by Luxe.CO

June 10,2020

12 fashion and lifestyle brands and enterprise groups were selected in the "Luxe.CO Global Sustainable Fashion Report" this week. They are:

Converse, Stella McCartney, PUMA, Nike, FREITAG, Allbirds, Rothy’s, Cavel, Adidas, Shiseido, La Mer and BCI.

The Launch of Sustainable Products

Carhartt WIP and Converse Once Again Join Forces to Launch a New Environmentally Friendly Shoe Series

Classic sportswear brand Converse and the American workwear brand Carhartt's streetwear label Carhartt WIP have jointly launched the new environmentally friendly Converse x Carhartt WIP Renew Chuck 70. The shoe’s upper uses canvas from Carhartt recycled workwear, while the sole uses a recyclable rubber outsole.

Stella McCartney Kids Launches a New Eco-friendly Collection

British designer brand Stella McCartney has launched a new collection of environmentally friendly children's clothing. More than 75% of the products in the collection use environmentally friendly materials certified by GOTS, including environmentally friendly cotton, viscose from sustainable sources, recycled polyester fibers, and recycled nylon. The collection is suitable for a variety of scenarios such as sports and daily wear.

Puma Cooperates with Central Saint Martins to Launch an Eco-conscious Collection

Puma x CSM was created by the German sportswear group Puma and Central Saint Martins, the world's top fashion design school. The design inspiration comes from the increasingly tense global water shortage situation.

Puma has tried several cutting-edge technologies in this series, including "Dope Dye" waterless dyeing technology, and digital printing technology that can reduce water and chemical use.

Nike Launches its Sustainable Footwear Series Space Hippie

On June 11, 2020, American sportswear giant Nike officially launched the sustainable footwear series Space Hippie. The series includes four types of shoes all made from recycled materials.

FREITAG Tmall Flagship Store Launches Classic Messenger Bag F13

To celebrate the first anniversary of the opening of the brand's official Tmall flagship store, FREITAG, an environmentally friendly bag brand, has decided to bring the classic messenger bag F13, which is only sold on the official Swiss website, to the Chinese market. The F13 was FREITAG's first-ever messenger bag. The bag body is made of recycled truck tarpaulins. The straps and piping are made of scrap car seat belts and bicycle tires. The F13 was the prototype for Freitag’s subsequent messenger bags.

A limited number of 30 F13 messenger bag designs have been available since June 1.

Allbirds and BottleDream Jointly Launch New Eco-friendly Mizzles Wet-weather Shoes

The environmentally friendly footwear brand Allbirds and the social innovation content platform BottleDream have jointly launched limited-edition marine blue Mizzles wet-weather shoes. The inspiration for this shoe comes from the earth and the ocean. Thanks to natural recyclable materials and environmentally friendly production processes, the average carbon footprint of each pair of Mizzles is only 9.4 kg, while the average carbon footprint of other running shoes is about 13.6 kg.

Rothy’s Launches a New Bag Series

American eco-friendly women's shoe brand Rothy’s has announced the opening of a new product line, launching a new bag series made of recycled marine plastic. This series includes classic tote bags, commuter bags, mini commuter bags, classic clutch bags and multi-size storage boxes. The unique weaving technique continues the brand's reputation for versatility and durability. The bag series is also machine washable with cold water like shoes, and bags with metal parts are equipped with machine-washing bags to reduce the possibility of wear during washing.

CAVAL Launches New Vegan Sneakers Made from "Apple Leather"

This month, the innovative French footwear brand Caval is launching Pellemela, a sports shoe that uses apple pomace as a raw material. 76% of Pellemela's raw materials come from apple pomace, a fruit juice by-product from Tyrol, Italy. The technique was developed by Alberto Volcan, an engineer in Alto Adige, Italy. In addition to “apple leather”, the collection also uses recyclable color lining from Spain, natural rubber soles from Portugal (40% of which are recyclable), and organic cotton shoelaces from Italy.

Sustainability Themed Activities / Public Welfare Activities

Adidas and Allbirds Collaborating on Sustainable Development in the Shoe Industry

German sports giant Adidas and the environmentally friendly footwear brand Allbirds are collaborating to reduce the shoe industry’s carbon footprint.  Besides developing renewable materials, they will also explore innovative models throughout the supply chain and jointly develop sneakers with a lighter carbon footprint.

Shiseido Launches a Recycling Campaign

From May 29 to June 29, 2020, Shiseido, a high-end Japanese skincare brand, is carrying out an empty bottle recycling campaign in 30 of China’s provincial capital cities. The brand hopes that while fully understanding the company’s social responsibility and the social value of recycling, it will send a positive message to consumers concerning environmental protection, advocate environmental awareness among all sectors of society, reduce resource waste, implement recycling programs, and make better use of waste bottles.

La Mer and Tencent QQ launch "Blue Action" Marine Environmental Protection and Public Benefit Campaign

High-end French skincare brand La Mer, Tencent QQ and Shanghai Rendu Ocean NPO Development Center have launched "Blue Action", which will mobilize public volunteers and social groups in more than 40 coastal cities across the country to participate in beach garbage removal. Over a one-year period (June 2020 – May 2021), more than 17,000 volunteers are expected to take part in the removal of more than 70 tons of beach garbage.

Forum / Exhibition / Research Report

BCI Members’ Meeting Held Online

On June 9th, the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) members’ meeting was conducted online. The Global Cotton Sustainability Conference, which was originally scheduled to be held in Lisbon, was postponed to March 2021 due to COVID-19 and its global impact on health and travel.

There were two online meetings, and the market meeting was 90 minutes in length. The BCI Secretariat and the Board of Directors shared with members the management dynamics of BCI under the impact of COVID-19 and offered their views on the post-crisis situation. At the same time, BCI also conducted an overall review ofBetter Cotton's annual global supply and procurement, membership growth, agricultural activities, new BCI project countries, publicity and communication, financial reports and 2030 strategic progress.

About the "Luxe.CO Global Sustainable Fashion Report"

Since 2018, has regularly published its Global Sustainable Fashion Report, which focuses on the sustainable development of the global fashion industry. It has also established a sustainable fashion database, which contains 345 fashion brands’ sustainable trends, 58 sustainable concept brands and 48 related supply chain companies. The database provides more inspiration and case studies for brands that practice sustainable development in the fashion industry.

We believe that the sustainable development of the fashion industry needs to be based on down-to-earth practice and continuous thinking and iteration of the entire industry. Therefore, in the future, Luxe.CO will focus on sustainable innovation projects in the fashion industry, exploring B side and C side sustainable innovation strategies and implementation plans that are practical and can create real value.

At the same time, all industry organizations and people who pay attention to and practice sustainable fashion are also welcomed to reach out to us!

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