Issue 2. Luxury Brands in China Bi-weekly: Prada / BVLGARI / Maison Corthay

June 4,2020

Every luxury brand that has stood the test of time must have an enterprising management team and innovative strategies behind the scenes to keep pace with the times. This is especially true in the Chinese market, where innovation among luxury brands is more agile and bolder than anywhere else in the world.

Starting from May 2020, we will be publishing “Luxury Brands in China – Top Trends" every two weeks, promptly selecting and summarizing the luxury brands whose recent work is most worthy of attention.

It is worth mentioning that each trend on the list will directly go into the running for the "2020 Luxe.CO Innovative Marketing Award".

Congratulations to the selected brands for “Luxury Brands in China – Top Trends", Issue 2 (May 16 to 31, 2020), they are:

Italian luxury brand Prada

Italian luxury jewelry brand BVLGARI

French luxury footwear brand Maison Corthay

Note: 1) From the candidate list of top trends contained in each issue, the Luxe.CO Committee will select the top 20% with the most outstanding performance to be included in the “Luxury Brands in China – Top Luxury Trends”;

2) All luxury brands are welcome to inform us of the latest developments promptly, please email to


Luxury Brands in China: Biweekly Trends

May 16 - 31, 2020, a total of 14 (listed in no particular order):

  1. French shoe designer Christian Louboutin, famous for his red-soled shoes, has recommended an exclusive song list and a book list containing 8 books.
  2. Swiss luxury watchmaking brand Audemars Piguet has interacted with the public about the stories behind its classic collections and provides graphic analysis.
  3. Italian luxury jewelry brand BVLGARI has launched the "BVLGARI IN COLOR" activity to encourage users to color their product design plans, complete and share them on social media. There are currently 4.887 million people reading this topic on Weibo and 2,148 people participating in the discussion.

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  1. Italian luxury brand Versace and astrologer Uncle Alex has provided the public with an outfit to prevent bad luck. According to their own constellation, the public can purchase official magic weapons to prevent bad luck and these "magic weapons" are all Versace items.
  2. Italian high-end menswear brand Canali has regained control of 10 stores in China. Canali currently has 47 boutiques in China, of which 26 are direct-operated.
  3. French luxury brand Saint Laurent officially entered Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok).
  4. Swiss luxury brand Bally has broadcasted live on Tmall for the first time
  5. French luxury footwear brand Maison Corthay has invited customers to wipe out their Maison Corthay leather shoes with a “mirror effect”. The founder of the brand, Pierre Corthay, will select the best three "mirror effects" from the works of all participants and give them rewards.

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  1. Italian luxury brand Miu Miu has launched a new online project "MiuMe" to invite people from all over the world to wear Miu Miu clothing and use their mobile phones to show their daily life.
  2. British designer brand Alexander McQueen has announced the second part of the music project "McQueen Music", that is, the public can download the brand's fashion show, play the music list on the fashion show or the one specially provided by the musician for the brand.
  3. The foundation of the Italian luxury brand Prada has launched an online cultural project called "Love Stories – A Sentimental Survey by Francesco Vezzoli”. Artist Francesco Vezzoli will publish a sentiment survey on the official Prada Instagram account every day, and the public will be invited to choose between two possible options. Professionals in related fields will comment on the voting results every weekend.

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  1. German luxury brand Montblanc has corporated with Feng Tang again to present the "Montblanc Chinese Feng Tang Style" memes.
  2. French luxury brand Cartier has created a time-limited experience space “Clash de Cartier” at Plaza 66 in Shanghai.
  3. Swiss luxury watchmaking brand Breguet's Marine series national exhibition tour has made its debut in Shenzhen.


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