Global Sustainable Fashion Weekly by Luxe.CO

June 2,2020

The "Luxe.CO Global Sustainable Fashion Report" has been upgraded from monthly to weekly. This week, 11 fashion and lifestyle brands and enterprise groups are highlighted, which are:

Theory, Allbirds, C&A, Burberry, Canada Goose, Gap, O bag, Vivienne Westwood, Farfetch, L'Oréal Group, and Guerlain.

Sustainable Products Launches

Theory launches its eco-friendly “Good Linen” linen-blend series

The fabric used in this series is made of three kinds of fiber: finely processed linen, rayon from cotton by-product cotton linter, and elastic fibers. Linen is a natural and environmentally friendly material with extraordinarily little water used for growth and little waste generated during processing, reducing the environmental impact of garment production.

Allbirds launches new eco-friendly running shoes

This new running shoe is called Dasher. Its upper is made of eucalyptus and merino wool, and the sole uses an upgraded version of SweetFoam (a material made of sugar cane). A pair of ordinary sports shoes has a carbon footprint of 12.5 kg, while Dasher's carbon footprint is only 9 kg.

C&A launches a new series of natural cotton

This series of raw materials comes from the natural cotton of non-GMO cotton species. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used in the planting process, and a more environmentally friendly and energy-saving method is used in the production process.

Burberry launches a sustainable series: ReBurberry Edit

There are 26 products in this series, and they are 100% made of environmentally friendly fabrics. Among them, the glasses use the latest bio-based acetate technology, while windbreakers, coats, cloaks, and other accessories are made of recycled nylon Econyl. Each product has a new sustainable label.

Sustainability Themed Activities / Public Welfare Activities

Canada Goose releases its first sustainability report

Canada Goose’s first sustainable development goals include carbon neutrality by 2025, the use of renewable fur, and the reduction of disposable plastics.

The details of these goals are as follows:

  • Reducing current levels of carbon emissions by more than 80% and achieving zero net direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.
  • Introducing recyclable fur into the supply chain by 2022 and launching a consumer repurchase program for fur.
  • In 2021, all fabrics will meet the sustainable development standards recognized by the "bluesign®".
  • In the future, disposable plastics will be discontinued on production lines owned or controlled by the company.

Gap x Modern Sky MVM & Strawberry Music Festival Alliance Environmental Program

Gap has launched co-branded apparel with special print designs for this event to call on people to pay attention to environmental protection and protect the planet.

L'Oreal Group launches its "No Plastic Future" 2020 Campus Innovation Planning Competition

The competition calls on young people from all over the world to jointly discuss the "no plastic" business model, with the aims of helping them establish business awareness and guiding their understanding of sustainable development.

Vivienne Westwood and the environmental organization Canopy reach a cooperative agreement

To celebrate Earth Day, Vivienne Westwood and Canopy have released the Vivus short film, announcing their official cooperation. Vivienne Westwood promises that by 2021, all its wood pulp-derived fibers will receive FSC certification, and will give priority to using a new generation of viscose fibers.

O bag teams up again with the environmental protection and public welfare organization OOLA to carry out an "old bag for new" campaign offline

To take part, consumers can donate old “O bag” and accessories through offline stores or online mailing. All old bags and accessories recycled as part of this fashion sustainability campaign will be shipped to a recycling facility. From there, they will be transformed into new items.

Farfetch launches a new carbon neutral plan to reduce its logistical carbon footprint

This plan is an important part of Farfetch's “Positively Farfetch" sustainable development plan that began in 2019. Farfetch is working with EcoAct, an industry-leading sustainability consulting firm, to measure and calculate its carbon footprint based on the internationally recognized greenhouse gas accounting system.

Currently, Farfetch is investing in four independently certified and verified global environmental projects to balance the carbon emissions impact of each distribution and return. These four projects are respectively located in Brazil, the United States, India, and China, with afforestation, forest protection, and investment in the development of new renewable energy as the main goals. All projects have passed the Gold Standard, American Carbon Registry, Certified Carbon Standard and other certifications.

Guerlain donates 1 million yuan to SHAN SHUI Conservation Center to protect Chinese bees 

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Guerlain Abeille Royale Series, Guerlain recently held a public welfare forum at Shanghai’s HKRITaikoo Hui on the environment, bee protection and sustainable development The brand will donate 1 million yuan for the protection of Chinese bee populations and habitat restoration, and the development and promotion of bee-keeping in the community.

About the Luxe.CO Global Sustainable Fashion Report

Since 2018, has regularly published its Global Sustainable Fashion Report, which focuses on the sustainable development of the global fashion industry. It has also established a sustainable fashion database, which contains 345 fashion brands’ sustainable trends, 58 sustainable concept brands and 48 related supply chain companies. The database provides more inspiration and case studies for brands that practice sustainable development in the fashion industry.

We believe that the sustainable development of the fashion industry needs to be established based on down-to-earth practice and continuous thinking and iteration of the entire industry. Therefore, in the future, will focus on sustainable innovation projects in the fashion industry, exploring the B side and C side sustainable innovation strategies and implementation plans that are practical and can create real value.

At the same time, all industry organizations and people who pay attention to and practice sustainable fashion are also welcome to reach out to us!


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