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April 24,2020

Over the past four decades, global luxury, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries have grown in popularity. Some of today's most successful international brands and companies have seized important opportunities in fashion and enjoyed huge dividends from the China market boom over the past decade.

Looking to the future, the fashion industry is still a sunrise industry, especially in China. China and Western fashion powers have entered an important stage of mutual learning and integration. China needs to learn from the experience of the world's leading brands in production, design, communication and management, and integrate into the global industrial and capital network.

To move forward, entrepreneurs, senior managers, and investors are all in urgent need of in-depth, detailed, and systematic information, industry research, and strategic guidance -- thus, “LUXECO Intelligence” came into being.

About LUXECO Intelligence

LUXECO Intelligence  is a research and strategy consulting service provider , focusing on luxury、fashion、beauty and lifestyle business.

We are capable to integrate China angle、global vision and broad industry perspective to provide forward-looking consumer insights, industry research, and strategic advisory services.

The unique strengthesof LUXECO Intelligence lie in the strong industry network, data intelligenceand knowledge system that we continue to build, supported by our efficient first-hand data gathering and survey channels and tools.

“LUXECO Intelligence” regularly shares research results and provides the following professional services:


1) Consumer Insight

- Fashion consumption trend study

- Customized consumer Survey


2) Industry Research

Sector-specific research

- Customized research reports

- Customized industry seminars/conferences


3) Strategy Consulting

- Branding and Communication

- Innovation and Digitization

- Sustainable fashion development

- Expansion of overseas company into China market

- Expansion of Chinese company into overseas market


4) Financial & Investment advisory to:

- VC, PE, financial institution
- Industry Group
- Commercial Real Estate


In the future, LuxeCO Intelligence will release at least one exclusive research report focusing on one specific segmentation of the fashion industry every month -- stay tuned!

To welcome the launch of "LuxeCO Intelligence", we are releasing a 30-page "Global Down Jacket Brand Research Report" for free (Chinese version).

Report to download: clicking this link 🔗.

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Four Stages of Down Jacket Brand Emergence

Stage One: Start with Basic Functionality

From the founding background of Pyrenex、Herno, and five other brands, to see the basic functional attributes of down jacket brands in their early stages.

Stage Two: Origin with Sports and Outdoors

From the founding background of Moncler, Canada Goose, and five other brands, to see the origin of down jacket and outdoor sports brands.

Stage Three: Luxury Fashion

Four down jacket brands positioned in the luxury fashion segment.

Stage Four: Niche Design

Four down jacket brands positioned as conceptual design brands.



The Present And Future of Down Jacket Brands

Co-branding & Crossover

【Case Study】Moncler commercializes co-branding & crossover products

Products & Sales

【Case Study】How do brands like Canada Goose, Bosideng, Mackage, and Moncler educate and guide consumers to buy down jackets

Sustainable Innovation

【Case Study】Sustainable initiatives from brands like Save the Duck, Ciesse Piumini, and Herno



Down Jacket Brands in China

The Expansion of Overseas Down Jacket Brands in the China Market

Channel expansion of Moncler, Canada Goose, Moose Knuckles, and Mackage in China

The Potential of Chinese Local Brands

【Case Study】Bosideng, ERAL, CHENPENG



Investment and M&A in the Down Jacket industry

Financing and listing of Moncler and Canada Goose

Five down jacket brands that have received external investment in recent years



Before writing this report, we collected and combed through the information of nearly 40 down jacket brands across the world, looked into the official websites, official Instagram, Weibo, WeChat accounts and e-commerce websites of nearly 30 down jacket brands, and analyzed more than 90 third-party media reports on down jacket brands.

This report is based on Moncler, Canada Goose, Bosideng, Moose Knuckles, Mackage, Save the Duck, Ciesse Piumini, Pyrenex, Duvetica, Ienki Ienki, Khrisjoy, CHENPENG, and other 13 brands. For more information, please feel free to contact us to submit your custom requirements.


Customized projects and cooperation, please contact:

Elisa Wang | Project Manager of LuxeCO Intelligence 

WeChat: elisatina929


Report by Zhu Ruoyu, Elisa Wang

Layout design by Tang Qi

Completed by April 2020


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