July 10,2019


In China market, "digitization" and "youth" are the core subjects of all brands in the fashion field, and also the biggest challenge to test whether the brand has the courage to innovate! Through the new "Young & Digital" brand case study launched by, we collected the latest activity of major fashion and luxury brands, according to five dimensions -- content marketing, user experience, personalized customization, category expansion, brand crossover -- regularly screening out the best cases to share with you.

In this article, there are a total of 4 brand cases that we selected as the top case studies of "Young & Digital Personalized Customization”

Note: all cases are listed in no particular order, with cases included until April 25, 2019.


Case Study 01:Prada “Double Match”

Case Summary:  Prada launched a "Double Match" customized shirt service, which allows consumers to book an appointment across four stores in Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing. A total of 16 combinations of prints were offered to customers, who were then measured. The shirt will be eventually made in Italy. It will take about 2 months to make and deliver the products.


Editor's Comments: According to "China New Generation Fashion Consumption Report 2018" released by, 20% of the new generation of consumers expect that brands can provide customization services in stores. By doing so, they are able to increase customers’ goodwill towards the brand. For young people, customization means without limitation, difference, self-expression and is considered a new element of "luxury" in their mind.

After first launching the bespoke services in Milan, Prada launched this in the Philippines, Singapore, China and Taiwan China.


More Great Examples Of Brands Crossover:

  • Berluti opened a bespoke service for suits and shoes in China, and invited Eddie Peng, its spokesperson, to experience Grande Mesure bespoke service in Paris.
  • Diptyque opened the brand's first fragrance art exhibition in Shanghai, China, providing hand-made lettering of perfume bottles and customized illustration services.
  • Brioni launched made to order, a bespoke denim service that makes tailored denim pants for customers.


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