How CHAUMET Attract Online Consumers on Chinese Valentine's Day?

August 5,2019

Many jewelry brands try their best to promote the theme of "romance" during the Qixi Festival, the traditional Chinese Valentine's Day. However, LVMH's oldest jewelry brand, CHAUMET, has broken the traditional "Valentine's Day marketing" formula. CHAUMET's online boutique store was unveiled for a limited time from July 17 to August 18. This was CHAUMET's second attempt at opening a WeChat online pop-up store, and the first time its 3 collections of Josephine, Liens and Jardins were sold online together

CHAUMET's refreshing digital marketing campaign makes us think about the nature of "non-digital" at the spiritual and consciousness level. When the focus of the industry is on "innovative online campaigns”, or “innovation based on technology", why does CHAUMET remain attached to developing its brand based on women's spirit and consciousness?

How can art and philosophy be used to present the spiritual power of luxury, based on both material and meaning, and most accurately express the core spiritual power of luxury brands?

The Innovation Regression Towards "Back to Basics": Strengthening The Spiritual Core of Luxury Brands

Industry surveys now show that winning over the younger generation is the priority for luxury brands in the Chinese market. The key to gaining favor, of course, is not only knowing what they like and what they pay attention to, but more importantly, to deeply understand them at a spiritual level and know "what kind of self they would like to become".

The social roles and ideologies of the new generation of Chinese women have changed. They are now materially independent, pay more attention to their inner selves, display more spirit, and there are more diverse dimensions that determine their value and happiness.

Combining "Spirit" With "Matter"

At the beginning of this year, CHUAMET launched its first Pop-Up Store, centered around the "Liens • lifetime series" collection, and spent around 10,000 RMB to build an online connection with the younger generation. It received very positive feedback from the market from its first sale, with all products selling out within 3 days. This Chinese Valentine's day, the online boutique store will boast CHAUMET's three major collections. This store has more variety of products than the last pop-up store, including necklaces, rings, bracelets and ear studs. The price range is also much broader, from 7,000 RMB to 60,000 RMB, to better meet the needs of different consumers.

From a business perspective, this progression demonstrates that CHUAMET recognizes the potential of the online sales market of luxury goods in China, and the purchasing power of the younger generation, but more importantly, CHAUMET wanted to use a more comprehensive selection to show the charm of the brand, and explain its core spirit.

Combining "Idea" With "Form"

CHAUMET's innovation in digital marketing in recent years has not only showcased its innovation in form and technology, but also demonstrated the power of the brand’s spirit. In early November 2018, CHAUMET launched a "Jewelry Matching Experience" on WeChat. Consumers can choose the scene and nail color that matches the jewelry. With the pop-up store "Liens • lifetime series limited-edition store” launched in early 2019, CHAUMET especially provided fans of the CHAUMET brand’s friend, Lay Zhang, with a "fan special edition" WeChat Mini Program and 107 fan limited-edition products.

This Chinese Valentine's day, CHAUMET’s online boutique store on WeChat especially launched the function of "online hand size measurement and virtual try on", which can recommend the suitable ring size for consumers using a 360 review of the detailed measurements of the front and side of fingers. It can then provide virtual try-on products, both making the process fun and meeting the needs of online purchasers.

CHAUMET continues to innovate in the Chinese market with different ways of expression to show the brand's "core spiritual strength". As CHAUMET's Global CEO, Jean-Marc Mansvelt, said in an exclusive interview with Luxe.Co, "Our goal is to continue to make customers dream of CHAUMET, create surprises for them, and build emotional links."


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