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January 18,2019

Founded in 1780, Chaumet is the symbol of the art of Parisian jewellery. Today in China, the high jewellery and watch brand has stepped forward to another milestone, by launching its one-month Chaumet Liens WeChat pop-up store.

This is the very first time that Chaumet tries the e-commerce channel in China, which apparently is a successful move so far --- from 16th January, in only a few days after the releasing, some items have been successfully sold out.


In 2018, during an interview with Luxe.CO, Jean-Marc Mansvelt, chief executive of Chaumet International has revealed, with the upcoming of a digital age, Chaumet will confront the challenge with an open mind but fully prepared attitude, every decision should be thoroughly considered with a becalm pace. Although it is not the first pioneer to outset the e-commerce among high jewellery, the digital innovation of Chaumet has been steady, strategic and innovative, which strikes an apparent difference with the ambitious and full-scale ones.

In 2015, Chaumet began to explore and use digital innovation to create service and new interactive experiences. From online trial wedding ring experience to the H5 mini-game, to VR movie and the immersive jewellery matching, Chaumet has always maintained its own sense of rhythm.


However, unlike fashion brands, high jewellery brands have more complicated considerations when moving towards online marketing and sales. For example, what is the perfect timing for initiating? How to design a pop-up store to draw the young generation's attention? How to define the selection to underline the brand spirit while simultaneously respond to the volatile market request?

The strategy of Chaumet, exactly as the icon of Liens collection, X, which means connectivity, to use the power of fusion to build deep connections with the young consumers.


Thoughtful ingenuity & timely authenticity

No matter it is a gift or self-treatment, daily accessory or occasional dress up,  the younger generation has a more diversified demand for jewellery products. In a holiday season spans both oriental spring festival and western valentine’s day, the pop-up store creates more opportunities to respond these diversities. In addition, all items within the selection are under the price range of 10,000 RMB, makes it more acceptable for young people, and more likely to become their beginning to explore the brand.

As a luxury brand, choosing its debut online sales in the way of limited time pop-up store, the primary purpose is to capture accurate user portfolio at an optimal cost, and accumulate experience for a long-term market plan.

A proper spokesman & the limited edition

The most classic story also needs to be told by the most qualified storyteller. Since 2016, Chaumet has had more cooperation with Chinese stars. Music producer, singer and actor Lay Zhang is one of Chaumet brand friends in cooperation. In December 2018, he became Chaumet Paris brand ambassador.

The popularity of Zhang in the younger generation in China has broadened the attention for Chaumet. In August 2018, Zhang released his single Liens Sea, which featured Chaumet Liens selection necklace as the main memento in the MV, leading a story about love and fate. After the release on Weibo, the video received 17.41 million views, with a total of 242,000 comments and forwarding of 1.12 million.

In the pop-up collection, besides the normal choices, there are also Lay Zhang special edition. The visual design utilises the scenes from the Liens Sea, which creates a sense of intimacy and resonance between Zhang and his fandom community. To deepen the concept of extraordinary and precious, the collection includes 107 pieces Zhang limited edition with a special lacquer design and “Xback” lettering.


The  heritage & the agility

Choosing correct items for the younger generation might not be an effortless mission for a brand who is famed for its historical heritage. It is a counterbalance between price and value, a sagacity between design and its inspirit.

A new design inspired by antique collections

Choosing Liens collection to feature the pop-up store is not an abstract whimsical. Looking back at 200-year history, this classic link is consistent throughout Chaumet antique-grade design. For example, in 2017, Chaumet showed the Scottish Bow brooch on the exhibition Imperial Splendors: The Art of Jewelry Since the 18th Century, in the Forbidden City in Beijing, the design was inspired from the link motif. In 1977, the Chaumet Liens collection was officially launched, gradually, it has become a sizeable set of rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, drill collars and watches. It is the most popular classic collection of Chaumet. When time evolves, the look of the link symbol is more light and simple with more colour choices, it also adds a more fashionable mosaic material such as lapis lazuli, turquoise, and pearl.

Design as a faith

Lien is French for "link", by a level, it corresponds to the meaning of serendipity (缘份) in Chinese. However, Chaumet is representing Liens in a grander sense -- intimate companions, bearers of secret messages, signs of true and enduring friendship, of sworn and unfailing faith.

Just like the symbol "X", it must overlap each other and be independent of one another. This expresses not only the philosophy of balance in the romantic relationship, but also the wisdom with self, others, and the world. The exquisite diamond embedded in the centre of "X" also express the meaning of all external extensions ultimately blend into the heart of the self-being, makes a flawless explanation of the brand spirit.

After all, the tone of the millennium generation is far more than young and playful, it is the acumen to being confident and connecting with the outer world with personal characteristics and wisdom.

To Chinese culture

With an increasing sense of nationalism, culture and belonging of Chinese young consumers, many international luxury brands are using various  Chinese elements to feed the trend. Yet many trials have been seen as superficial and dilettantish without a proper interpretation of the authenticity of Chinese culture. One merit of Chaumet is to express intrinsic meaning by a traceless tactic, the online Liens collection is to pay tribute to Chinese culture in its own way.

The "X" shape and diamond inlay of the neat metal line is the French jewellery art, the special colour of lacquer red is full of Chinese ancient craftship. Restore the traditions into modern jewellery design, the cultural fusion is for some reason organic and modest.

Chaumet is a luxury heritage has a special focus on balance, as Jean-Marc Mansvelt said, as a brand connects yesterday with today, Chaumet must understand the essence of intermingling and innovation, ancient and modern, fashion and style. And how to make the weighty history shining and glorious in this digital age.

This is the brand spirit but also a philosophy. In the digital innovation, Chaumet is not just creating topics and making a noise, more importantly, it is exploring a new way to serve the real needs of the market, and build a connection with the customers. What is more important than empowering the purchasing power is to master the capability of engaging a future with an eternal time period.

Image courtesy of Chaumet


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