China Forces Driving the Growth of Global Fashion Industry:Luxe.Co Global Fashion Innovation and Investment Forum (18April, Beijing)

April 22,2018

Embrace the Golden Age of China Fashion Entrepreneurship and Investment —— Luxe.Co Global Fashion Innovation and Investment Forum was held in Beijing on April 18th, 2018. (in Chinese: 华丽志全球时尚创新与投资论坛). A group of most outstanding investors, entrepreneurs, designers and senior managements in the fields of fashion investment and brand innovation gathered together at the forum and presented the latest status and trends of China and global fashion investment and entrepreneurial innovation.

China has become the largest fashion market in the world. China market, China capital and China voice are becoming increasingly important in the global fashion industry. With increasing consumer purchasing power, better taste and aesthetic, as well as technology innovation, more and more outstanding fashion brands and entrepreneurs have emerged in China. Meanwhile, China capital, including private equity, venture capital, strategic investors and angel investors have been actively engaged in the investment and M&A activities in local and global fashion market. Since 2015, Luxe.Co Global Fashion Innovation and Investment Forum has witnessed and participated in such trends.

"The enthusiasm of China consumers, the passion of China entrepreneurs, and the power of China capital have become leading forces in the global fashion  industry," said Alicia Yu(余燕), the founder of Luxe.Co (华丽志) & President of Orange Bay University (橙湾大学), " Positioned as the visionary, witness and catalyst of China fashion industry, Luxe.Co has the responsibility and strength to bring together the best entrepreneurs, investors and innovators in the field, and to connect them with our media, education and entrepreneurial investment services, to learn, communicate, and be inspired in an open, transparent, and pragmatic platform.”

Alicia Yu,Founder of Luxe.Co&President of Orange Bay University

In her keynote speech, Alicia Yu illustrated the eight key trends in global fashion innovation and investment as follows:

  1. China capital actively participating in global brand investment
  2. Single-brand companies evolving into multi-brand groups
  3. Street wear and sneaker culture becoming hot spots for investment
  4. Emerging designer brands and digital-first brands maturing gradually
  5. Fashion distribution channels becoming increasingly diversified with online、offline and emerging innovative channels
  6. Technology empowering fashion innovation
  7. Eco-friendly concepts driving innovation in fashion products and business models
  8. Fashion enterprises setting up accelerators to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in fashion

In the subsequent sessions, Alicia Yu hosted fire-chats with  Ms. Yun Cheng(程云), President of Fosun Group & President of Lanvin/Mr. Cen Wang(王岑), Partner of Sequoia Capital China /Ms. Yisheng Yan(闫怡勝), Partner of IDG Capital to discuss on three key topics:“Fosun’s International Investment Strategy and Practices”, “Building Brand in the New Retail Era” and “How do Investors Capture Global Fashion Innovation Opportunities”, respectively.

Right:Yun Cheng(程云), President of Fosun Fashion Group & Lanvin

Right:Cen Wang(王岑),Partner of Sequoia Capital China

Right:Yisheng Yan(闫怡勝),Partner IDG Capital

In between, Nine roundtable discussion sessions were held with the industry's leading entrepreneurs and investors to share their unique insights on following topics:

" How to Win Millenial Fashion Consumers"

From Left to Right:

Elisa Wang(王琼),Head of Fashion,Luxe.Co 

Lei Tu(屠雷),GM,TASAKI China

Jie Ma(马捷),GM,The Woolmark Company China Executive VP,Greater China and Asia

Yang Du(杜暘),Founder,Bie Yang Fashion

"How do Fashion Brands Utilize Chinese Elements”

From Left to Right:

Cen Wang(王岑),Partner of Sequoia Capital China

Weixiang Wang(王韦翔), Brand Director 1436

Zhifeng Zhang(张志峰),Founder NE TIGER

Grace Chen(陈野槐),Founder Grace Chen

Guang Feng(冯光),Founder MUKZIN

“Outlook of Athleisure in China”

From Left to Right:

Shuting Liu(刘舒婷),Founder,Super Monkey

Qing Cao(曹青),Founder, Ubetween & Producer “Moving Gym”

Xi Wang(王曦),Founder,RESHAPE

Claire Shen(沈媛),Head of Research,Luxe.Co

“Can Trendy Street Brands Last”

From Left to Right:

Maggie Zhou(周洁),Vice President,CMC Holdings

Tie Shou(铁手),Co-Founder INXX

Sam Ren,Founder,SMFK

Claire Shen(沈媛),Head of Research,Luxe.Co

“Fashion Entrepreneurs and Investment Opportunities in the Eyes of VC Investors”

From Left to Right:

Yilong Zhang(张逸龙),Founding Partner,HongDao Capital

Alicia Yu(余燕),Founder of Luxe.Co&President of Orange Bay University

Jing Li(李静),Founding Partner, Xing Venture Capital

Ying Zhang(张鹰),Partner, Sinovation Ventures

Feng Chen(陈峰),President,Black Ants Group

"New Ecology of Fashion Entrepreneurship”

From Left to Right:

Jun Xu(徐军),Founder,Meiweirensheng

Claire Shen(沈媛),Head of Research,Luxe.Co

Mengyuan Liu(刘梦媛),Founder,YCloset

Yuxuan Leng(冷雨璇),CEO,Cosmo Love

Ming Yan(严明),Founder,LOOK

“Technology Empowers Fashion”

From Left to Right:


Xiaoqu Luo(罗小渠),Co-Founder&CEO,Cardinal Operations

Chen Liu(刘郴),Founder,Linxtex

Hong Wu(吴宏),Director of Strategy,XGIMI

Claire Shen(沈媛),Head of Research,Luxe.Co

“How to Invest in Emerging Designer Brands and Related Industry Chain”

From Left to Right:

Xin Wang(王鑫),Investment Director,IDG Capital

Ge Jin(金戈),Investment Director,Telescope Investment

Wanwan Yu(余晚晚),Founder&CEO,Yu Holdings

Lulu Sun(孙璐璐),Investment Manager,Zhen Fund

Xin Chang(常欣),VP,QF Capital

Claire Shen(沈媛),Head of Research,Luxe.Co

 “Path to Growth for China Designer Brands”

From Left to Right:

Elisa Wang(王琼),Head of Fashion,Luxe.Co

Zi Yang(杨子),Founder ANNAKIKI

Xinglong Lv(吕星龙),Partner YE’SbyYESIR

Xiaojun Zhuang(庄晓君),Co-Founder IMMI

Fashion Investment: China Forces on the Rise

According to Luxe.Co’s proprietary data of investments in the greater fashion area in 2017:

Overseas,there were 236 equity investment cases involving 9.1 billion U.S. dollars;293 cases M&A cases involving 124.4 billion US dollars,both greater than 2016, of which "luxury and fashion brand" is the most active sector.

In China,there were 272 equity investment cases involving 11.6 billion CNY(= U.S. 1.8 billion dollars),still small by scale but investments in fashion brand are clearly on the rise.

Chinese capital is becoming more and more connected with the global fashion industry:

Fosun International acquired controlling stake in Raffaele Caruso, the Italian luxury menswear brand in November 2017. In the first quarter of 2018, Fosun also acquired the majority stake in French heritage luxury brand Lanvin, and controlled Austrian luxury innerwear brand Wolford with 55 million euros. In February 2018, Shandong Ruyi acquired the controlling stake in Swiss luxury brand, Bally. Ruyi also acquired the apparel & advanced textiles business of Invista (incl. Lycra® ) and British luxury brand Aquascutum. In 2017, Septwolves acquired the China IP and distribution rights of Karl Lagerfeld brand with 320 million CNY, targeting the fast growing entry-luxury fashion market.

“Fashion is borderless. Previously, American and European investors are the main players in the investment of luxury and fashion brands. There will be more and more Chinese investors active in this field," Ms. Alicia Yu (余燕) ,founder of Luxe.Co said, “We have seen many premium western brands still full of energy after more than a hundred years. Their long-lasting success proved that, given solid cultural legacy, unique DNA,sound corporate governance and operation system, as well as continuous innovation,premium brands can be truly evergreen. The future growth momentum of global brands mostly lies in China. Also, we shall witness more and more great brands coming out of China.”

Fashion Entrepreneurship: propelled by innovation and capital

In the past few years, a great number of emerging designer brands and digital-first fashion and lifestyle brands have emerged and gradually matured in the China market. Meanwhile, capital is getting closer with fashion start-ups.

For example, from 2017 till now, the internet underwear brand “NEIWAI (内外)” has completed 70 million yuan Series B financing and 60 million yuan Series B+ financing; The internet entry-luxury women’s shoe brand 73 Hours has completed tens of millions of yuan Series A+ financing; menswear designer brand incubator Magmod (名堂) has received financing from many well-known investment institutions, such as IDG Capital, Sinovation Ventures, Cathay Capital and so on.

"In the fashion industry, the vital role of entrepreneurs can never be overstated. More and more outstanding entrepreneurs have crossed over from different fields to the fashion industry, becoming the major driving forces for the continued innovation of the industry," Ms. Alicia Yu(余燕)said, "Firmly believing in the power of  innovation and entrepreneurship in fashion industry, Luxe.Co is positioned as the major broadcaster, catalyst and leader to inject greater global vision, innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit into the industry."

Luxe.Co has hosted InnoBrand competition annually since 2015, providing a discovery and development platform for emerging fashion and lifestyle brands. So far, the competition has attracted 324 start-ups from China and overseas, among which nearly 30% have successfully secured financing from VC funds.

Luxe.Co founded Orange Bay University in March 2017. As the innovative and disruptive fashion business school in the world, Orange Bay University has pioneered the integration of world-class business education with the most cutting-edge entrepreneurial training,focusing on luxury、fashion and lifestyle industries, aiming to nurture entrepreneurs and leaders in such fields.

In 2018, Luxe.Co will launch Luxe.Co Global in overseas market and build up the English version of Luxe.Co. In addition, Luxe.Co will take the global forum to  Milan, London, New York and beyond.

"We have always believed that China investors and entrepreneurs will increasingly ride the wave of the times and to the peak eventually," Alicia Yu said, "With our open platform dedicated to China and global fashion industry,Luxe.Co will continue to connect, communicate, inspire and integrate. We will introduce the world's best fashion companies to Chinese elite readers and showcase the power of China fashion forces to the world."

About Luxe.Co

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From 2015 onwards, we have been hosting Luxe.Co Global Fashion Investment Forum annually-one of its kind in China, with over 1000 entrepreneurs, investors, executives, startup founders, designers and KOLs participated so far.

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