China Fashion and Lifestyle Investment News: Art Consumption, Sports Venues, Chinese-language Chartered Tour Booking Platform, and Pop-up store booking platform

March 19,2018

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Fashion Brands

  • The art consumption brand HUI raised 20 million yuan in Series A financing

The art consumption brand "Hui (會)” announced on March 1st that they raised 20 million yuan in Series A financing. The arrangement was led by Frees Fund and followed by Yanjiyou and other institutions. The fund will be mainly used to expand business scale and improve online sales and service system. Featuring “bringing art to business and life”, Hui covers “Huihaowu”, the lifestyle boutique store and “Huijuchang”, the IP experience store. Huihaowu sells mainly daily necessities, household items, gifts, art works and so on, with stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Xi'An and other cities. Huijuchang is at the phase of R&D and will be launched in May.

Sports & Fitness

  • Sports venue operator RUCKER PARK acquired Series C financing

Shanghai sports chain venue Rucker Park (洛克公园) announced on March 1st that they acquired Series C financing from Lingzhifeng Venture Capital. The detailed amount was not disclosed. Previously, Rucker Park raised tens of millions of yuan in Series B+ financing from Toutoushidao Fund in July 2017. Rucker Park was established in June 2008. Through leasing, cooperative construction, reconstruction and other models, Rucker Park revitalizes stock real estate resources, and renovates old factory buildings, warehouses, commercial facilities and so on for the usage of public sports and fitness venues. At present, Rucket Park has over 30 basketball, baseball, football and other sports venues in China. In addition, Rucker Park has provided tournament business (JUMP10 World Hoops Challenge) since 2016, and created a basketball-themed sports apparel brand “Rucker Wear”.

Hotel & Travel

  • Global Chinese-language chartered tour reservation platform HI GUIDES raised 50 million US dollars in Series C financing

The Global Chinese-language chartered tour reservation platform, Hi Guides (皇包车) announced on March 1st that they raised 50 million US dollars in Series C financing. The arrangement was led Sequoia Capital China, and followed by Matrix Partners, Concord Investment and Yibo Shao from Matrix Partners. Previously, Hi Guides raised 120 million yuan in Series B financing led by Matrix Partners and GF Xinde Investment in January 2017. The new round of financing will be mainly used on brand building, talent acquisition, destination resource development and so on. Hi Guides was established in December 2014. Through a sharing-economy model, Hi Guides connects users and local guides, providing Chinese-language services in airport transfers, single rides, customized chartered tours, chartered tours and so on. Currently, Hi Guides has over 100 thousand Chinese driver guides in more than 1600 cities in over 90 countries.


  • Pop-up store venue booking platform LINHUIBA raised tens of millions of yuan in Series A+ financing

China’s pop up store venue booking platform Linhuiba (邻汇吧) announced on March 1st that they raised tens of millions of yuan in Series A+ financing from Zijingang Capital. Previously Linhuiba raised tens of millions of yuan in Series A financing from China Merchants Capital in December 2017. Linhuiba was established in 2015, providing pop up store venue online booking services in locations such as residential compounds, supermarkets, office buildings, industrial parks, metros, schools and so on. At present, Linhuiba has over ten thousand venue resources in the first-and-second tiered cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Tianjin and so on.

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| Chinese reporter: Jiaqi Wang



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