China Fashion and Lifestyle Investment News: Emerging Shoe Brand, fashion content e-commerce and more obtained VC funding

February 12,2018

Luxe.Co has launched “Luxe.Co China Investment Weekly” since 2016, reporting weekly updates on investment and financing in the China fashion and lifestyle industries. The updates cover fashion, beauty care, food and dining, sports and fitness, hotel and travel, household products, culture and creativity, and other related fields.

Fashion Brands

  • Emerging shoe brand LABER THREE obtained tens of millions of yuan Series Pre-A Investment

Female fashion  shoe brand LABER THREE announced on February 5th that they obtained tens of millions of yuan Series Pre-A investment from Meridian Capital China, Pengbo Capital, Bailian Group and so on. Featuring fun and creativity, LABER THREE was established in 2016, designed by first-tier international brand designers and produced exclusively by their own factory. (LABER THREE was the final contestant at Luxo.Co InnoBrand Competition 2017)

Fashion Online Platform

  • Fashion and lifestyle content e-commerce platform Camellia (山茶花) obtained Series A investment from Tencent

The exquisite female content e-commerce platform Camellia announced on February 5th that they obtained Series A investment from Tencent. The detailed amount was not disclosed. Camellia is a scenario-based e-commerce platform targeting exquisite ladies, providing styling advice and recommending corresponding products based on different scenarios including dating, office and so on.

  • Online tailor-made menswear service provider QUDING MENSWEAR(趣定男装)obtained seed capital from Zhen Fund

The online tailor-made menswear service provider Quding Menswear announced on February 8th that they obtained seed capital from Zhen Fund. Quding Menswear was established in March 2017, with business to both business and customer ends. In the business end, they provide half-tailor-made clothing which can be altered by offline tailor-made companies, and help improving the efficiencies of their tailor-made services. Currently they have cooperated with 15 companies in the business end. In the customer end, users upload their basic body dimension data and full-body photos online. The back-end system will provide corresponding patternmaking solutions for production.

Food and Dining

  • Egg brand Happy Eggs (快乐de) obtained nearly ten thousand yuan Series Pre-A investment

The egg brand Happy Eggs announced on February 9th that they obtained nearly ten-thousand-yuan Series Pre-A investment. The investment was led by Angel Plus and followed by Jing Liang, an individual investor and actress. Previously Happy Eggs obtained 3-million-yuan angel investment from Donghui Wang from Ameba Capital. Happy Eggs was established in April 2016. In addition to providing SaaS management system to chicken sheds, they also provide farmers with streamlined services including baby chicks, feeding and breeding techniques, and repurchase services. After acquiring reliable sourcing of eggs, they entered the branded egg market. Currently they work with distribution channels including Benlai, Chunbo, Hema and so on, with a monthly sales of around 1 million yuan.

Sports & Fitness

  • Jogging community +U RUNNING CREW (嘉友跑)obtained angel investment

Jogging community +U Running Crew announced on February 5th that they obtained angel investment from Ruchuan Capital and URWORK. The detailed amount was not disclosed. +U Running Crew was established in 2013 by Jia Yu, the CCTV host. The main business includes participating in marathon events and organizing jogging speech and sharing activities.

  • Sports marketing and service company MEMPIE (门派) obtained 30 million yuan Series A investment

Sports marketing and service company Mempie announced on February 9th that they obtained 30-million-yuan Series A investment from, the jogging service platform. Mempie was established in 2014 with two main business sectors. One is sports marketing, proving marketing and communication solutions for sports activities (not limited to Marathon). The other is to provide sports services for companies and the middle-class communities. For example, they help companies with their employee’s health management, from daily physical trainings to sports activity organizing and operating, including daily health data tracking, statistics and so on. Currently Mempie has provided marketing services to more than 100 companies in different sectors, including finance, real estate, government and so on. Customers include Vanke, Wanda, Red Bull, China Merchants Bank and other institutions. Their annual income exceeded 30 million yuan in 2017.

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| Chinese reporter: Jiaqi Wang


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