China Fashion and Lifestyle Investment News: Cookie brand, Chained restaurant, intelligent home fitness services and boutique guesthouses

February 1,2018

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Food and Dining

  • Cookie brand AKOKO obtained 50-million-yuan Series A investment

The cookie brand Akoko announced on January 23rd that they obtained 50-million-yuan Series A investment, led by Joy Capital and followed by Banyan Capital. Previously AKOKO obtained tens of millions of yuan angel investment from Eagles Fund in August 2017. Akoko was established in June 2016, featuring products without preservatives or baking powder, and with short shelf life (30 days). AKOKO distributes online through self-managed TMall store, Enjoy, Liangcang, Day Day Cook and other online platforms, with the all-channel daily average sales of around 5000 boxes.

  • Chained restaurant brand Laoxiangji (老乡鸡) obtained 200 million yuan investment

The chained restaurant brand Laoxiangji (LXJ) announced on January 23rd that they obtained 200-million-yuan investment from Harvest Capital, with the post-investment evaluation of around 4 billion yuan. The investment will be mainly used on system upgrades and market expansion. LXJ was established in Hefei in 2003. LXJ has its own raw material breeding base. Stores are mainly self-managed with more than 400 stores, mainly in Hefei, Nanjing and Wuhan.

Sports & Fitness

  • Intelligent home fitness service provider Plaisir (快感) obtained angel investment

The intelligent home fitness service provider Plaisir announced on January 26th that they obtained angel investment. The amount was not disclosed. Plaisir features Plaisir bikes. With an intelligent upgrade to traditional spinning bikes, Plaisir bikes can be placed in home, offices and other private scenes. With professional classes, music and visual images, Plaisir provides users the same experience as in spinning gyms. Classes include five themes, fat burning, hot mom, reducing three-high figures, body sculpturing, and six packs, with daily updates. As well, Plaisir bikes are equipped with built-in multi-sensors, monitoring real-time body movement index and reflecting energy consumption.

Hotel & Travel

  • Boutique guesthouse brand Locals (路客) obtained hundreds of millions of yuan Series A investment

The boutique guesthouse brand Locals announced on January 23rd that they obtained hundreds of millions of yuan Series A investment led by Aplus Capital and followed by Gaohehantong Equity Fund and Zhen Fund. Previously Locals obtained 50 million yuan Series Pre-A investment led by Zhen Fund in February 2017. The new investment will be mainly used on sourcing guesthouses, expanding operation and investing in technology. Locals was established in October 2015. Some guesthouses are historical buildings with local characteristics. Locals is committed to connect guesthouses and owners to help travelers having an in-depth local experience. Currently, Locals has signed more than ten thousand guesthouses in 54 cities, with more than 1.5 million guests and the GMV of 200 million in 2017.


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| Chinese reporter: Jiaqi Wang



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