China Fashion and Lifestyle Investment News: Pan-ACGN fashion brand, Used luxury product trading platform, cross-border e-commerce, gym and fitness brands, and self-serve convenient stores

February 1,2018

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Fashion Brands

  • Pan-ACGN fashion brand management company Zaiyixing (载艺星辉) obtained 20 million yuan angel investment

Featuring fashion apparel, the Pan-ACGN fashion brand management company Zaiyixinghui announced on January 16th that they obtained 20-million-yuan angel investment. The investment is led by K2VC and followed by Chenhai Capital, Donghu Angel Fund and AC Capital. The investment will be mainly used on product matrix expansion, marketing, production R&D and so on. Zaiyixinghui was established in January 2017, with brand styles covering Han, Lorita, JK Uniform, girl dress, lounge wear and so on. One of their signature brands Zhiyuji was collaborated with the actress Jiao Xu, featuring Han elements and contributing the annual sales of more than 20 million yuan.

Fashion Online Platform

  • Used luxury product trading service platform Ponhu Luxury (胖虎科技) obtained 100 million yuan Series A investment

The used luxury trading service platform Ponhu Luxury announced on January 15th that they obtained 100-million-yuan Series A investment, led by Triniti Capital and followed by 1898 Venture Capital, Yizan Capital and Yi Hao, the founder of Makelumer. Ponhu Luxury was established in 2015. At its early stage, Ponhu Luxury entered the used luxury product service market with a C2B2C model, providing a platform for trading, payment, verification and maintenance services for luxury product traders. Later Ponhu Luxury gradually divided into two independent operating sections, C2B and B2C. C2B section provides luxury recycling services, and B2C provides verification, valuation, maintenance, consignment, purchasing, leasing and auction services.

  • Cross-border e-commerce OMall (洋葱海外仓) obtained 200 million yuan Series C investment

The cross-border e-commerce platform OMall announced on January 16th that they obtained 200-million-yuan Series C investment led by SAIF Partners at the third quarter of 2017. Previously, OMall obtained more than 100-million-yuan Series B investment by Xianfengqiyun and Engage Capital at the end of 2016. OMall was established in September 2015 in Guangzhou, operating the distribution platform “Onion Cross-Border Cloud”, the offline O2O distribution channel “Onion Global Direct Shop” and the consumer big data analysis module “Onion DSP”.

Sports & Fitness

  • Gym brand Liking Fit obtained 350-million-yuan Series B & C investment

Featuring small-scale, intelligence and pay-per-visit, the 24-hour gym brand, Liking Fit, announced on January 15th that they obtained a total of 350-million-yuan Series B & C investment. The Series C investment of 300 million yuan was led by EBZY Capital and Terminus Fund, and followed by Fanghe Capital and Lightspeed Capital. The Series B investment of 50 million yuan was led by Fanghe Capital, and followed by Cowin Capital, Zhonglu Capital and Lightspeed Capital. Liking Fit has started official operation since August 2016. With a franchising model, Liking Fit has had more than 90 outlets with a size of 300-500 square meters each, equipped with basic strength training equipment and group classroom. Through APP, intelligent treadmill and intelligent wristbands, they have achieved 24-hour self-serve gym services and user fitness cloud management.

  • Yoga fitness brand Daily Yoga (每日瑜伽) obtained 60 million yuan Series A investment

The yoga fitness brand Daily Yoga announced on January 17th they obtained 60-million-yuan Series A investment by Orchid Asia. Previously Daily Yoga obtained tens of millions of yuan Series Pre-A investment in January 2016. The new investment will be mainly used on business expansion, globalization acceleration, and new business exploration. The income sources of Daily Yoga include four parts, content income, advertisement, e-commerce and yoga studios, with more than 40 million users in the global market.

  • EMS fitness company Ampli (安体倍力) obtained 10 million yuan angel investment

The electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) fitness company Ampli announced on January 17th that they obtained 10-million-yuan angel investment. Ampli was established in October 2017, with two fitness experience stores in Beijing and Shanghai currently. They have reached strategic cooperation with German EMS equipment brand Amplitrain, and obtained its exclusive agency rights in China. EMS technology is to train the muscles of the body by simulating human brain waves to send low-to-medium frequency pulse currents to muscles.

  • Fitness brand Space Cycle obtained 100-million-yuan Series B investment

High-end fitness and lifestyle brand Space Cycle announced on January 18th that they obtained 100-million-yuan Series B investment, led by Alibaba Taiwan Entrepreneurs Fund II which is managed by WI Harper Group. The investment will be mainly used on opening new concept studios and developing online platform, aiming to further enhancing the brand’s footprint from offline to online. Space Cycle features advanced multimedia classrooms with software, lighting, audio and spectrum scanning instruction technology designed by the Grammy Award winning team 3-Legged Dog, professional star coaches and playlists customized together with popular music streaming media in the Greater China region. Space Cycle enjoys a perfect combination of music, entertainment and group fitness, providing themed experience classes to consumers. Space Cycle has also reached strategic cooperation with NIKE, Lululemon and Mercedes Benz, and organized hundreds of fitness events. As well, they have an online store and online reservation APP. Currently, Space Cycle has 6 fitness studios in Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei.


  • Self-serve convenience store Bingo Box (缤果盒子) obtained 80 million USD Series B investment

The self-serve convenience store Bingo Box announced on January 17th that they obtained 80 million USD Series B investment, led by Fosun Capital and followed by Qiming Venture Partners, GGV Capital, Pusi Capital and Ventech. Previously Bingo Box obtained more than 100-million-yuan Series A investment led by GGV Capital. The new investment will be mainly used on R&D, business refinement and product iterations. Bingo box's products are mainly identified by RFID tag, which is based on the automatic identification technology without contact, automatically identifying objects and collecting relevant data through interrogating radio waves.


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| Chinese reporter: Jiaqi Wang



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