The Year 2017 of Inspire, Connect, Empower!

January 22,2018

2017 is an ordinary year. Similar to the past four years, Luxe.Co has always delivered the latest and most valuable business information covering global luxury, fashion and lifestyle industries throughout the year for Chinese readers. Growing as a snowball, the extensive case studies and data we have accumulated in fashion entrepreneurship, investment and innovation, have inspired the future for industry elites.

2017 is a brilliant year. With our creative and efficient team full of entrepreneur spirits, Luxe.Co has achieved multiple milestones. The English version of Luxe.Co went live online; The first “Ecological Report of Chinese Independent Designer Brands” was released; Luxe.Co’s New York Fashion Forum was launched; The third edition of Fashion.VC InnoBrand Competition was organized successfully. As well, our biggest pride was that from scratch, we created the world’s first fashion business and entrepreneurship school, Orange Bay University.

Behind all these brilliant achievements, our strategy was simple and clear. We aim to apply the best content to connect the best people, those entrepreneurs, investors, and management and creative talents in the “pan-fashion” field. We collect all fashion business wisdom to inspire them and leverage on our extensive resources to empower them in the fashion business area.




Luxe.Co had an amazing year in 2017. In 2018, we will continue focusing on the “pan-fashion” field covering luxury, fashion and lifestyle industries, enhancing and optimizing our product offerings in media, education and entrepreneurship services. Equipped with full energy, we will go even further in the international market.

  • April, 2017: "Ecological Report of Chinese Independent Designer Brands" was released

Based on Luxe.Co’s exclusive database, we released the first edition of the Ecological Report of Chinese Independent Designer Brands at Mode Fashion Trade Show during Shanghai Fashion Week in April 2017. Through data collection and analysis, Luxe.Co presented in a quantitative manner the development status of Chinese independent designer brands from different angels including basic information, social media presence, sales distribution and so on.

*The research team of Luxe.Co has built related database since the summer of 2015. As of the report release, the database has covered 651 Chinese independent fashion designers and 581 brands created by them.

  • June, 2017: Luxe.Co released the global website in English and the report “Luxury and Fashion in the Eyes of China’s Millennials — Survey 2017 by Luxe.Co” on June 23rd

The English website of Luxe.Co ( global press release was held at Rock Bund in Shanghai on June 23rd. At the same time, Luxe.Co launched the report “Luxury and Fashion in the Eyes of China’s Millennials — Survey 2017 by Luxe.Co” to global readers for the first time.

With increasing Chinese fashion enterprises and consumer brand investment institutions expanding gloablly, more and more international brands have entered Chinese market as well. Luxe.Co launched the global website in English, in order to deliver the voice of China fashion and investment industries  to the whole world, as well as to build a platform faciliating the communication among global fashion brands and industry institutions.

After the first release of "China Fashion Consumption Survey Report" at the end of 2015, the research team at Luxe.Co had continued collecting the behavioral data of young fashion consumers in the first-and-second-tier cities in China and the world. With advanced technology, the report presented a total number of 1816 valid cases with a gender ratio at 3:7 (male vs female). The result covered a number of key segments in the fashion industry including luxury brands, Chinese designer brands, brand marketing, retailing and so on, aiming to assist brands, retailers and researchers to better understand the young consumer groups in China.

  • September, 2017: Luxe.Co New York Fashion Forum on September 8th

Luxe.Co successfully hosted the first “Luxe.Co New York Fashion Forum” in Midtown Manhattan, New York on September 8th, 2017. Aiming to connect global fashion innovation forces, Luxe.Co drew the future of China’s fashion industry, together with industry leaders in fashion, finance, and technology from China and the U.S. at the forum.

The partner of the forum, .Co Domain and its parent company Neustar presented a special award “.Co Startup Ambassador” to Alicia Yu, the founder and CEO of Luxe.Co and the president of Orange Bay University.

  • October, 2017: Three series of industry talks at Mode Talks during Shanghai Fashion Week

As the chief cooperation media of Mode Fashion Trade Show during Shanghai Fashion Week SS2018, Luxe.Co participated in the most influential trade shows, showrooms, forums and other events and activities, and continued reporting first-hand and in-depth fashion business insights for industry practitioners in the fashion field. The three series of talks organized by Luxe.Co were exceptionally popular among audience.

  • June to December, 2017: Fifteen Luxe.Co Talks from June 6th to December 22nd

Since June 2017, at the afternoon tea hour on Friday, Luxe.Co has arranged Luxe.Co talks, inviting seven Luxe.Co elite readers (each with a brilliant question) to join a face-to-face conversation with our guest speakers. This was an intensive and high-quality themed communication event. Fifteen talks were held in 2017 with themes covering music, architecture, outdoor activities, film and television, jewelry, perfume and other cultural and creative topics.

Fashion.VC InnoBrand Competition (referred as InnoBrand) was first launched and hosted in 2015 by Luxe.Co, China’s most influential and authoritative fashion business media. As the one and only entrepreneur innovation competition dedicated to the field of fashion and lifestyle in China, over the past three years, InnoBrand has attracted 324 emerging brands joining the competition from China and around the world. Among them, many have achieved great business success.

  • August to September 2017: Nearly 80 brands joined the preliminary round of competition of InnoBrand 2017, held in Beijing, New York and Shanghai respectively

  • November 2017: The final competition of InnoBrand 2017 was successfully held on November 24th

The final competition of InnoBrand 2017 was held successfully at Shanghai Village Shopping Center on November 24th, 2017. From China and around the world, 18 start-ups in the field of fashion and lifestyle presented their product, vision, business model and performance data. On the stage, they showcased their passion, strong teamwork and tremendous growth potentials.

In the past three editions of the InnoBrand competition, nearly one hundred entrepreneurs, investors and industry leaders have been invited as the judges for the preliminaries and finals (for details, please refer to InnoBrand’s official website: At the final competition of InnoBrand 2017, ten penal judges from enterprise and investment fields evaluated contestants’ projects based on four main criteria, i.e., product innovation, management teams, market potential and business performance.


  • Spring 2017: Luxe.Co launched Orange Bay University

Orange Bay University is the first fashion business and entrepreneurship school in the world, aiming to cultivating the best leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and management talents in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

The unique and pioneering fashion business curriculum at Orange Bay University integrates international case studies and experience sharing from business leaders, founders and investors.

In the academic year of 2017, Orange Bay University completed six sessions of intensive classroom studies.

  • May 26-28: The first session for the first batch students
  • June 20-25: The second session for the first batch students
  • July 21-23: The third session for the first batch students
  • October 20-22: The fourth session for the first batch students & the first session for the second batch students
  • November 17-19: The fifth session for the first batch students & the second session for the second batch students
  • December 15-16: The sixth session for the first batch students & the third session for the second batch students

The first and second batch students at Orange Bay University are mainly company founders and senior executives in the fields of fashion, accessories, jewelry, beauty care, gourmet, travel and culture and creatives, as well as professionals who aspire to create their own brands and finance practitioners from well-known investment banks and funds. Students were mainly born in the 1980s and originated from different parts of China.

Orange Bay University’s first batch students had completed studies under the guidance of 29 distinguished lecturers in the investment and industry sectors. With the help of the internal academic team of Orange Bay University, students have conducted 60 case studies of global luxury, fashion and lifestyle brands. Among these case studies, seven of them were written by Orange Bay University independently. In addition to case studies, 22 entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders in the field of fashion consumption shared their experiences with students.

  • September 2017, Orange Bay University New York field trip from September 7th to 13th

During the New York Fashion Week in September 2017, some students also joined Orange Bay University to New York, visiting the headquarters of well-known American fashion brands and fashion entrepreneur incubators, and watching designer brands’ fashion shows. They had in-depth conversation with industry professionals and learnt the lasted industry trend and development. They also obtained the knowledge of the difference between Chinese and American markets, and experienced the unique charms of New York, the world’s fashion capital.

  • December 2017: Orange Bay University celebrated the graduation of its first batch students on December 17th, 2017

After an academic year with six sessions of intensive classroom studies, field trips and final project presentation, the first batch students at Orange Bay University completed their program and graduated successfully. At the cocktail party after the graduation ceremony, the first batch students of Orange Bay University expressed that their studies of fashion business will continue and all alumni will keep in touch with each other, and achieve even bigger success together in the future.

About Luxe.Co

Luxe.Co is the most influential and authoritative business media in the field of luxury, fashion and lifestyle in China, dedicated to servicing entrepreneurs, enterprises and investors, combining the insights from fashion, finance and technology. Luxe.Co provides timely, in-depth and comprehensive information of the medium-to-high end consumer brands in terms of entrepreneurship, innovation and investment in a global scale. As well, Luxe.Co has created a powerful database covering global brands, industry research and fashion finance data.

From 2015 to 2017, Luxe.Co has successfully hosted Global Fashion Investment Forum and Luxe.Co New York Fashion Form. Details please refer to and reports on

Please visit Luxe.Co , download Luxe.Co APP or follow Luxe.Co’s official WeChat account.

About Fashion.VC

Fashion.VC is a platform discovering and incubating global fashion and lifestyle start-ups at their early stage, aggregating hundreds of remarkable brands and investors in the field of fashion and lifestyle.

Fashion.VC has successfully hosted three consecutive editions of InnoBrand competition from 2015 to 2017. Details please refer to InnoBrand

About Orange Bay University

Orange Bay University was founded by Luxe.Co., the most authoritative fashion business media in China. Orange Bay University is the first fashion business and entrepreneurship school in the world, aiming to educate the best leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and management talents in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Orange Bay University’s first batch students commenced their studies from May 26th, 2017. The second batch commenced from October 20th, 2017. Students will complete six rounds of studies, with a total number of 108 hours in Beijing and Shanghai. Dozens of distinguished lecturers, specially recruited by Orange Bay University, will deliver keynote speeches and lead students in in-depth case studies of global luxury, fashion and lifestyle brands.

The third batch students of Orange Bay University are scheduled to commence their studies from April, 2018.

Orange Bay University Official Website:


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