Luxe.Co launched “Luxe.Co China Investment Weekly” in 2016, reporting weekly updates on investment and financing in the China fashion and lifestyle industries. The updates cover fashion, beauty care, food and beverage, sports and fitness, hotel and travel, household products, culture and creativity, and other related fields.

Fashion Online Platform

  • Second-hand luxury online platform REAL (真的) acquired luxury bag co-sharing rental platform DOUBAOBAO (抖包包)

On November 7th, Second-hand luxury online platform REAL acquired luxury bag co-sharing rental platform DOUBAOBAO. REAL applies two sourcing options, buyout and consignment. Consignment sellers include customer end and small business end. The platform has a monthly turnover of over 10 million yuan currently. Doubaobao features luxury female handbag co-sharing rental services. Its main marketing and distribution channels are WeChat service account and APP. Users can browse, rent, exchange or purchase through WeChat service account and APP.

Sports & Fitness

  • Yoga organization Spartan (斯巴顿) obtained 150-million-yuan Series B investment

Direct-managed chain yoga organization Spartan announced on November 10th that they obtained 150-million-yuan Series B investment, jointly invested by OFC Capital (东方富海), 37 Interactive Entertainment (三七互娱) and Cowin Capital (同创伟业). The investment will be mainly used on integrating its yoga chain store brand Wei Yoga (唯瑜伽) and Yoga lifestyle brand Luojia (珞迦). Spartan was established in 2003. The organization was originated from a community family fitness club, and then gradually transformed into services featuring yoga training and yoga culture promotion. Spartan also provides special function trainings, SPA, yoga physiotherapy, children’s fitness courses and so on. At present, Spartan has two yoga brands, Wei Yoga and Luojia. Spartan has 30 direct-managed yoga studios, 200 yoga teachers and more than 100,000 members.

Hotel & Travel

  • Customized wedding travel platform Love Journey obtained tens of millions of yuan strategic investment

The customized wedding travel destination platform Love Journey announced on November 10th that they obtained tens of millions of yuan strategic investment from Hong Kong Baoxin International Travel Group (香港宝信国际旅游集团) and overseas institutional investors. The investment will be mainly used on market development and the standardization of overseas products. Love Journey was previously known as Dream Flying Overseas Wedding (梦飞行海外婚礼), established in Hong Kong in 2011. Love Journey has resources in thousands of overseas travel destination venues and wedding services, and provides services to thousands of couples in Hong Kong every year. The platform offers destination weddings, travel wedding photo shooting, honeymoon travel, global hotels and other services currently.

Household Products

  • Customized household product brand Mertel (木德木作) obtained tens of millions of yuan Series Pre-A investment

The customized household product brand Mertel announced on November 8th that they obtained tens of millions of yuan Series Pre-A investment from Feima Fund (飞马基金) in October 2017. Mertel obtained angel investment from Haifengzhicheng (海丰至诚) in 2016. Mertel was established in February 2012. The brand has factory and store setting in the same outlet. Every factory store is about 1500 square meters, in which half are exhibition hall and half are factory. The band has 10 factory stores in Wuhan, Jingzhou, Jingmen, Xiangyang, Suzhou, Jiaxing and so on. Mertel’s average annual sales turnover per store is 20 million to 35 million yuan. The gross profit margin for furniture products is around 55%. The lead time for new store opening is 3 months. Usually stores reach break-even after one-and-half-year operation.

Culture & Creativity

  • City lifestyle store brand Yanyouji (言几又) obtained 120-million-yuan Series B investment

With bookstores as the core, the city lifestyle store brand Yanyouji announced on November 6th that they obtained 120-million-yuan Series B investment in March 2017. The investment was led by Prosperity Investment (盛世资本) and followed by C&D group (建发集团) and so on. Previously, Yanyouji obtained 26-million-yuan Series A investment from Sky Saga Capital (星瀚资本), JD Finance (京东金融) and Yingyi Capital (英谊资本). Yanyouji was established in 2013. The brand has two types of stores, 3000-to-5000-square-meter Yanyouji large-scale stores, and 500-to-1000-square-meter Yanyouji “Today Read” (言几又·今日阅读) small-scale stores. The brand has around 40 stores in first tier cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou) and other cities (Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Chongqing and so on). The income from books accounts to 40% of the total income. The rest are from integrated business income.


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| Chinese reporter: Jiaqi Wang

| Editor: Claire

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