Luxe.Co launched “Luxe.Co China Investment Weekly” in 2016, reporting weekly updates on investment and financing in the China fashion and lifestyle industries. The updates cover fashion, beauty care, food and beverage, sports and fitness, hotel and travel, household products, culture and creativity, and other related fields.

Fashion Brands

  • Jewelry brand U Jewelry (优集)obtained  the 3rd round investment

Featuring oriental aesthetics, Jewelry brand U Jewelry announced on October 18th that they obtained the 3rd round investment in September 2017. The founder of Dianping(大众点评), Tao Zhang becomes the 3rd largest individual shareholder. U Jewelry obtained the 2nd round investment by Shanghai Libaohuachen Investment Center (上海利宝华辰投资中心) three months ago. The total amount of the 2nd and 3rd round investments reaches 15 million yuan. U Jewelry was established in September 2015, and achieved a sales figure of 2 million yuan on Logic Show platform (罗辑思维)in three months as of November 2015. In November 2016, U Jewelry opened the first offline shop, “Oriental Illusion U Jewelry Space (东方镜花水月优集空间)” in Shanghai Kerry Center. Afterwards the brand opened 10 direct-managed stores in Shanghai Grand Gateway 66, Wuxi Center 66, Nanjing Deji Plaza, Hangzhou Lakeside Yintai, Shanghai Mixc and so on. U Jewelry opened its first overseas flagship store in Paris in October 2017. 30% of U Jewelry stores have the average sales volume per unit area of 10,000 yuan per square meter per month. The brand has around 770 SKUs at present, with 10 new SKUs every month.

Fashion Online Platform

  • Beauty care online platform Huajuan (花卷) obtained 40 million US dollars Series B investment

Featuring internet KOL video streaming, the beauty care online platform Huajuan announced on October 17th that they obtained 40 million US dollars Series B investment. The investment was led by Sinovation Ventures (创新工场) and followed by previous shareholders EMC, Yintai Group (银泰集团) and Vertex Ventures (祥峰投资), as well as the new investor, Zhiping Capital (治平资本). The estimated valuation after investment reaches one billion yuan. The new investment will be mainly used on category expansion, internet KOL cultivation, and user and video distribution channels expansion. Huajuan went online officially in June 2016, featuring beauty care experts and KOL recommending low-to-medium-range price and niche-market beauty care products to female users. The platform has 1700 SKUs with more than one million registered users at present, covering skin care, facial masks, health care products, make-up, and personal care products and other categories. The platform has around 150 thousand DAU (daily active users), a conversion ratio of 70% from registration to purchase and a repeated purchase ratio of 65% (within 6 months).

Beauty Care

  • Beauty care online platform Perfect Corp (玩美移动) obtained 25 million US dollars Series A investment

Beauty care online platform Perfect Corp announced on October 18th that they obtained 25 million US dollars Series A investment. The investment is led by China Creation Ventures (创世伙伴资本) and followed by Yuanta Asia Investment (元大亚洲投资), Extol Capital (U.S.) and Cyber Link (讯连科技). The new investment will be mainly used on market expansion, brand cooperation, as well as AR and AI technology investment. Perfect Corp has six beauty care and AR photography appliances, including AR make up testing tool, YouCam Makeup Selfie Cam, beauty care community, AR make-up training, YouCam FUN and YouCam Nails. The entire product matrix download volume has exceeded 500 million times.

Food and Beverage

  • Internet food brand Wooo’s Spiced Goose (物只卤鹅) obtained tens of millions yuan Series A investment

The internet catering brand Wooo’s Spiced Goose announced on October 20th that they obtained tens of millions of yuan Series A investment. The investment is led by Zexian Investment (泽贤投资) and followed by Jiahe Wealth (嘉禾资产) and Zonco Group (中侨集团). Wooo’s Spiced Goose obtained millions of yuan angel investment by Zexian Investment in November 2016. the new investment will be mainly used on supply chain arrangement, new store expansion and human resource upgrade. Wooo’s Spiced Goose was established in May 2016, targeting medium-to-high-end consumer groups, and featuring Chenghai Chaoshan-style bittern lion-head goose as their main product. The brand completed the construction of a one-thousand-square-meter central kitchen in Haizhu District in Guangzhou in August 2016, equipped with production, processing, testing and other equipment, mainly for standardized production of traditional-technique bittern goose. The brand has six chain stores currently, of which 4 have opened and 2 are in the process. The brand has a product transaction per customer of more than 100 yuan.


  • Domestic Pop-up site rental platform PUTIANDI (铺天地) obtained 90-million-yuan Series A investment

Domestic pop-up site rental platform Putiandi announced on October 18th that they obtained 90-million-yuan Series A investment. The investment includes 60-million-yuan initial Series A investment led by Eastern Bell Venture Capital (钟鼎创投) and followed by Baojiehui Fund (宝捷会基金) and Go High Fund(高和翰同资本), and 30-million-yuan additional investment by Meridian Capital (华映资本). Putiandi obtained 20 million Series Pre-A investment by Go High Fund in July 2016. The main business model of Putiandi is helping brands connect with the idle public space of shopping centers. Combined with the platform’s shopping center data system, Putiandi also provides brands with services including brand communications, offline roadshow, merchandise sales, customer acquisition and so on. The platform has reached strategic cooperation with nearly 3000 shopping centers, and cooperated with brands including Samsonite, Crocs, Hanhoo, Neiwai underwear and Daimu Textiles and so on.

  • Fresh orange juice smart terminal VingooJuice (天使之橙) obtained 400 million Series B investment

Fresh orange juice smart terminal VingooJuice announced on October 17th that they obtained 400-million-yuan Series B investment. The investment is jointly led by Legend Capital (君联资本) and Joy Capital (愉悦资本), and followed by Yunqi Venture Capital (云启资本). The parent company of VingooJuice is Shanghai Juang Investment Co., Ltd.(上海巨昂投资有限公司). VingooJuice has more than 3000 self-service terminals in 176 cities and jurisdictions currently, with an average  national sales volume of more than 4 million cups per month. At the same time of the new investment, Juang also launched Vingoo 24-hour self-service convenient stores with vending machines selling freshly made bread, bentos and so on, as well as Vingoo coconut juice station and Vingoo rainbow ice cream self-service machine. As same as VingooJuice, these three self-service machines can operate independently, or combine together into a 24-hour self-service store, focusing on freshly-made products.

  • Self-service convenient store EasyGo (未来便利店) obtained tens of millions of yuan strategic investment

Self-service convenient store EasyGo announced on October 16th that they obtained tens of millions of yuan strategic investment by Times Group (1233.HK, 时代地产集团). Previously, EasyGo obtained 5-million-yuan seed capital in June 2017 and 20-million-yuan angel capital in August 2017. The new investment will be mainly used on building back-end data, improving technology, as well as rapidly expanding stores. In addition to Times Group, EasyGo has also reached strategic cooperation with real estate companies such as Helenbergh Group, and has been stationed in Vanke Real Estate, New World Real Estate, Evergrande Real Estate, Aoyuan Real Estate and other large-scale real estate communities. Currently, EasyGo has 500 SKUs with a daily revenue of around 2000 yuan per store, and a transaction amount of 20-25 yuan per customer.


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| Chinese reporter: Jiaqi Wang

| Editor: Claire

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