Luxe.Co launched “Luxe.Co China Investment Weekly” in 2016, reporting weekly updates on investment and financing in the China fashion and lifestyle industries. The updates cover fashion, beauty care, food and beverage, sports and fitness, hotel and travel, household products, culture and creativity, and other related fields.

Fashion Online Platform

  • Fashion online platform obtained millions of US dollars investment

Foreign-owned fashion online platform announced on October 24th that they obtained a new round of investment with millions of US dollars from investors including Bluebell Group, who is the agent for nearly 100 fashion brands in eight Asian countries. The investment will be mainly used on their Android version development and further market expansion. was established in July 2015, focusing on Asian fashion brands. The platform has more than 150 brands from China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries currently. Whoolala has built warehouses in Shenzhen. Their APP download accounts to 2.5 million times, with an average customer spending of 800 yuan. Based on the sales figures of brands, the platform collects 20% to 30% as commissions and additional service charges, such as logistics and local marketing.

Sports & Fitness

  • Sports platform Move Technology (每步科技)  obtained 30-million-yuan Series A investment

The sports platform focusing on road running, Move Technology announced on October 25th that they obtained 30-million-yuan Series A investment, led by Ribo Group (日播集团)  and followed by their previous investor Binfu Capital (彬复资本). Move Technology obtained 10-million-yuan Series Pre-A investment in November 2016. The new investment will be mainly used on continuing facilitating domestic public sports IP events. Move Technology was established in November 2015. The company runs the APP Move Technology, providing running status records, online coaching guidance and interactive communication services. The company also operates three IP events, including China Universities 100 Miles Relay, “Love in Every Step” parent-child road running event, and Boss Run Relay Invitational Tournament. The main income source of the company is from event sponsorship.

Hotel & Travel

  • Travel Experience Reservation Platform KLOOK obtained nearly 60 million US dollars Series C investment

The travel experience reservation platform KLOOK(客路旅行) announced on October 25th that they obtained nearly 60 million US dollars Series C investment, jointly led by Sequoia China (红杉中国), Goldman Sachs and Matrix Partners (经纬创投). Previously KLOOK(客路旅行) obtained 30 million US dollars Series B investment in March 2017. The new investment will be mainly used on expanding global market and increasing product and technology R&D efforts. KLOOK was officially launched in September 2014, focusing on the Asia Pacific Region and providing destination attraction ticket purchase and featured event services. KLOOK offered more than 30 thousand travel experiences and services in more than 120 popular destinations. KLOOK has a monthly order of over 1 million and a monthly visit over 9 million (website and APP) currently.

Household Products

  • Household product brand Zing Home (自然醒) obtained more than 100-million-yuan strategic investment

Home retail chain brand Zing Home announced on October 27th that they obtained more than 100-million-yuan strategic investment. The investment is led by Shenzhen Guozhong Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. (深圳国中创业投资管理有限公司), and followed by Zhongjin Dingxin (中金鼎鑫), Galaxy Holdings (星河控股), and Leaguer Financial Holdings (力合金融控股). Zing Home was established in 2008. The company has reach strategic cooperation with real estate enterprises including Wanda, Vanke and Galaxy currently. The company has 160 direct-managed stores in 46 cities in 9 provinces.


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| Chinese reporter: Jiaqi Wang

| Editor: Claire

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